Not Fully Recovered

Hello, Fellow Readers. Hope all is well. It’s been about three weeks since Latino Fashion Week happened but I’ve been extremely sick, that work and blogging; was the last thing I wanted to do. I am still not fully recovered, thus the headline. I really wanted to keep you updated on all the things I have been doing for LFW.

I want to start off with the Puerto Rico’s Fashion History Council. This organization was created because there isn’t an organization that is documenting fashion history in their island. So, they came up with an exhibit composed of 22 couture pieces from 22 talented designers. The exhibit is called Royal Black and all 22 dresses were to capture the aesthetic of the designer/house but in black. The outcome was 22 marvelous, jaw-dropping dresses, some jeweled and heavy, others light as a feather and in between.

Our office was honored to host these beautiful creations and displayed at Chicago’s top design school Columbia College. My team and I worked to displayed them up and take them down. Also, during LFW we dedicated a time slot for a runway presentation. These beauties were under my care and I was nervous as heck, they are museum pieces.

Enjoy the pictures! I know I had a blast with these dresses.

Oh, My Jared!!

With September already here and students start a new school year. I am sitting here, at my desk, looking at my “To Do List”, the 54 work emails that I have to go through, and my calendar, I notice that the “Summer Work Hours” are over this week. Everyone at our firm made it a priority to enjoy this long holiday weekend, which will be our last until Thanksgiving. That’s like 2 and half months away!! Trust me we will look forward to it.

Our firm is on high alert and in production mode for Latino Fashion Week. Which, this year marks its’ 10th year anniversary and marks my 5th year being involved with it. You figure it gets easier year after year but on the contrary, it keeps getting tougher to deliver an amazing fashion season. I am working on menswear designers for LFW at the same time doing research on trends for a client I am working with. As a huge comic geek, I kept looking to see what trends these celebrities are wearing to places like San Diego Comic Con, Wonder Con in Los Angeles and in New York Comin Con. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why in the hell I am starting my research there?”  These conventions are filled with Movie and TV celebrities. The A-lister they are, the better their coverage, better chances of them being photographed in some cool clothes.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post. The hottest movie ticket this past summer was all about comic films. We had DC’s Batman V Superman in late March, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War in May and DC’s Suicide Squad in August. The latter was anticipated and with an all-star cast, surely the fashions were all the people were going to be talking about during the premier and press tours.  One actor, in particular, had me wondering how was he going to pull off a certain brand new approach to style.

At this year’s Oscar’s, Jared Leto wore a black suit with red piping Gucci tuxedo. Everyone who follows fashion has had a mixed review on the “New Gucci” brand direction. I, personally, do not get it. It is dowdy, and something your grandparents wore back in their early 20’s. I have to admit that the Gucci jackets are amazing and many of the pieces work together as separate pieces in your wardrobe. So, Is Jared the only male that can pull off this new Gucci way of luxury? It is aimed at a younger clientele, so are they pushing the boundaries of what male fashion should be?  I am yet to find some other male celebrity donning a head to toe Gucci look.  Don’t get me wrong, Jared looks amazing in everything, I mean he wore a pastel Givenchy suit to the Oscar’s before.

I want to hear your thoughts about this new Gucci brand direction. Your thoughts on Jared being the new poster child for Gucci. I know Tom Ford and Frida Giannini had their own version of a sexy Gucci Man and Woman. Is he living up to it?



Happy Birthday Coco

Hello All. Been busy over here dealing with work, mentoring interns and enjoying my summer. I had to make time for this post. We cannot celebrate fashion without a woman that revolutionized it. Her brand is still the ultimate French fashion staple and still going strong after decades since her passing. 

This day is to celebrate her. 

Happy Birthday Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel





It’s been quite busy at Imagen since my last post. I wrote a reminder on my calendar fro this post. I need to make sure that I got this post in, no matter the time. Many have probably shares their love, sentiments over this designer on their own social media but I wanted to pay homage to him my way.

Oscar de la Renta would’ve been 84 today. It’s almost two years since his passing and yet we still celebrate this brilliant man. Being trained by Cristobal Balenciaga himself, my favorite couturier of all time, I mean how awesome would that experience have been for de la Renta. As early as I can remember an Oscar de la Renta gown, you can see the Balenciaga Spanish influence in the designs created by  Dominican Republic designer. It was very avante garde, embellished, colorful yet very feminine, delicate and fashion forward. Reading about his life wether through books, articles and exposé you just learned that this man, this legend lived  happy life and really loved creating amazing clothes for women. Oscar left us but he lives still with us through photographs, through his clothes and how we remember him.

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.”- Oscar de la Renta



Be Groomed

Hello All!! What a fantastic, summer weekend in Chicago. This weekend was host to many things to do in this city. As a Mexican I was excited and waited anxiously for Ruido Fest sophomore year to kick off this weekend. The three day event, held at Adams/Medill Park housed some amazing new and old entertainment. Through work perks I got to see Carla Morrison, Natalia Lafourcade, Enanito Verdes and iconic groups like Arteciopelados and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, who are currently on tour. Of course there were many great acts like Los Cafres, Cuca and Panteon Rococo. Too many to mention but alas it was a magnificent music event. Kudos to the creators/producers of Ruido Fest to have amazing acts in their second year. These are the same people that helm Riot Fest. Now, that is an amazing three day event.

On top of this already busy weekend. Our firm got prepared to produce a fashion show for B-Groomed who produced the first U.S Men’s Lifestyle event. So many great products for men, and boy do we need them, at least I do. It was a weekend filled of education, product sampling and freebies!! We all Love FREEBIES! I know I grabbed a bunch and all that was given to me.

Our show consisted of 2 brands that I have already talked about previously, though I love their apparel, so it is why we go back and each time we love the new seasons collection. Sarar is that one brand that, as a man, you cannot go wrong wether if you’re looking for a suit, a coat or everyday wear. It is always on trend, on style and on point. Iridium, gave us that streetwear element that is out there but still wearable. Amazing stuff!! Monika from Monique’s Boutique, a blog is coming soon about her boutique, lend us some cool menswear from Lithuania. Basic jeans, but all seems not same, quirky and sexualized graphic tees were a hit with the audience. It’s fashion and it is fun.

Amazing time. Amazing Fashion

Feliz 109 Años Frida Kahlo

Hello All! This post is about my love for Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón, simply knows as Frida Kahlo.  To me, her paintings were the upmost autobiographical than any painter I admire. Having gone through many stages of life, yet she still LIVED her life. If that alone is not enough to make her courages than I do not know what is. Like everyone she was very vocal about men, politics and the way of life, yet this post is not about that. This is about her work, her words and the many things about her that inspire me.



London Time

With all the horrific violence going on in the world, the way to distract myself for a bit is fashion. It is time for designers to put out their best for Men’s Spring/Summer 2017. With the ever debatable fashion calendar, many used the change to their advantage, London was up first for their annual London Collections: Men runway shows.

The only disappointment that comes with change is that many online reputable resources weren’t able to cover a lot the designers who are regulars to London stage and some took for ever to upload images and reviews about the collection, while others were simply left out. Social media played a key role this time, each designer/brand went on high mode to get the word out on their new collections with images, engagement and behind the scene access.

I usually review each fashion week daily, for work purposes, I will do what is my top 5 collections for LCM: SS17

Grace Wales Bonner, a new comer, an alum to incubators like Fashion East and MAN. I’ve blogged about her Fall 2016 collection and on Instagram. Grace is really focusing on black sexuality, masculinity and culture experience. The gender fluidity seems to be the trend for many designers but for Grace it just enhances her designs. Her African roots are evident with her textiles choices and cuts, which makes your eyes wonder at each look. Grace is definitely talented and someone to keep on your radar.

Coach 1941 has been presenting on LCM for a few seasons now but this season seemed to be bigger than ever. Sturt Vevers going for an American nostalgia 50s look, gets updated with amazing separates than concentrating on head to toe looks. The jackets are some of the best I’ve seen this season and from Coach, which can stand up to a Burberry. The feel gives you that teenage rebellious, Don’t Fuck With Me Attitude. I thought it was one the best. Those studded brogues and bags are a must have for the season.

Craig Green is a favorite, it’s like Christmas morning  each season. His use of textiles is astonishing turning some thing that looks odd and quirky is all of a sudden something new and fresh. Romanticism was the base of this collection. The sense of belonging was evident thanks to the Scout scarf, that played well with coats and jackets that seem quilt like. The other pieces that look slashed and tied or loose at the hems played with proportions. This was the most truest and a different change for Craig, he’s one of the best.

Patrick Grant is all about fitted and tailored clothes. So it was a surprise that this season the E.Tautz man is relaxed and at ease and with that simple change, the tailoring changes as well. Shorts were high wasted (looks fashionable by the way), jackets and coats have an 80s boxy feel to them yet still have you looking sharp. Nonetheless, this collection was a hit!!

Sustainability is something that interests me as a fashion lover. I think it is one part fashion that will help push fashion forward. Emma Watson seems to think so, with her latest ensemble to the Met Gala, this past May. The one pushing the envelope for menswear and sustainability  is Christopher Raeburn and his latest collection was simply that with a mixture of space travel. Shorts in Tyvek, jackets with velcro webbing with big pouches as pockets made from Nomex, and cosmic prints on women dress, sweaters and  shorts.


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