Waiting around..

Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s been awhile since I came here and just let my thoughts take over as I type. The last time I checked in and made some switches and updates I thought I was going to be consistent on my blogging, with Instagram and keeping up with fashion.

I honestly say, now more than ever, that I have been depressed and stuck on this rut, this funk that I could not see myself come out of. I was working at a place that game me industry experience from a manufactures point of view but I was not satisfied. I was not content with where I was professionaly. While many of my peers and contacts were doing great things in their career paths. I guess, I was just wondering when was my turn coming? When I am finally going to get that position or job offer I am meant to have and leave my mark in Chicago fashion. Yet, like all these stories about fashion industry professionals, it took them all hard work to get to where they’re at. All of them have felt the same way as I do some way or another. Like many of them, I have taken no paid projects, consultated for free, and even went up on beyound on to little paying jobs which totally sucks but don’t we all have to start somewhere?

It’s never been about the money for me, which I guess is my own fault, but I did the projects because I felt gaining the industry experience was worth more than the pay. I, of course, felt the same with the paying jobs, too. I got the opportunity to coordinate many fashion shows, curate window displays and pop-shops, consulted in a business meetings with up and coming designers. To me that is the most satisfying part of any project. That someone is actually paying attention and taking in consideration my ideas.

I have recently met this amazing young lady, probably around my age, but she is brilliant in many ways. Through her I met two other amazing ladies, they’re friends, obviously, but what I love about them is their drive they have to push each other to be great. To push and help each other in any which way they can. That at the end of the day is not about being rich and famous but to make a contribution to the community.

We’re working on a project that is targeted to the Latina Women, especially the LatinX. The term confuses many but I will leave that to your own interpretation. We’re in the middle of brainstorming, we’re making great moves, so expect an update about that soon. Yes, this is a fashion blog but I am a real person, a real human with emotions and senses that stop me from coming here and write about fashion. So, while sitting with these ladies. I guess I was adopted into their group (at least in my head I am).

What I love about it too besides the work we’re doing. I shared my career path expectations and what I want to do. They’re holding me accountable and the reason I am here writing this and posting this. And to be honest, I like that they’re pushing me to get back on here and make my fashion moves I have been afraid to do all this time. It is time for me to shine and to tell my story.



A Year in Review

Hello my fellow readers. It has been about a few months since my last post. I had adventured into podcasting than blogging, even though I love both, I miss blogging. I miss this free thingking feeling flowing from my brain to the stokes on the keyboard. I am reading this as I am typing. Making sure no typos pass by me but I am sure two or three will go unnotice.

So, It is April. Martina and I have celebrated our first year of being podcast co-hosts, Fashion Junkies: A Podcast, and I can say that we dove right in without even seeing the ground below. I talked to a friend about the basics, assuring me that learinig the software, syncing and editing of the podcast wil be so so easy. With her confidence in me. Martina and I recorded, editted and followed the instructions to bring our podcast to life.

Like all life lessons each mistake because a lesson learned. All those late night edits are now done in 15 mins or less. Honestly, I had a different vision for my podcast, but sharing creative duties with someone else takes the pressure off and makes it more of a collaboration. Each episode we bring you a variety, we definetly bring our own opinions to it, which makes it our own, and we can express freely what we think about each discussion. Above all we try to have fun. I think that transcends really well with each episode we record.

Now we patiently await until someone notices our talent and wants to turn us into the stars that I know that we can be. Well, not necessarily stars, but enough of a following that will get us invited to a few studded events, endless cycles of fashion weeks, and few fashion galas. I mean, anything for a piece of this thing called fashion industy income.


King Kaftan

Hello, fellow readers. This post has been long overdue and yet I am still posting it. As a fashion lover, blogger, IG user, Twitter chirper; I still do not consider myself a “fashionista”, “trendsetter”, or”influencer” like many do. Do I have a following? Yes. Do I recommend things? Yes. I recommend certain brands that I believe in and that I myself have bought the merchandise. Does that make me an “influencer”? I guess to me yes and no. I mean, yes as in that moment but no too because it is not my constant feed and I feel like my blog is more of an opinion point of view and reporting than filled with ads and paid posts.

I am by no means a Kardashian, a Hadid, a Cameron Dallas. Which brings me to the point of my post. When I think about influencers, I do not associate that word with social media or any of these newbies that just talk about fashion or the ones that report without any knowledge or research. To me, a fashion influencer is someone who makes you dream, makes you fantasize about belonging to this avant-gaurde world that is being described. That makes you believe that you too, can be part of his/her world. I remember buying Vogue and the anticipation of reading the column “Life with Andre” in every issue, wondering what it will be this time. It was through this column that I also discovered names like Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Balmain, Givenchy, and Christian Dior. The column introduced me to the new designers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Marc Jacobs but it also introduced the New York City socialites that loved to be dressed in Oscar de la Renta and, my favorite designer, Carolina Herrera.


If you know who I am talking about then he needs no introduction, but to those, this legend, this influencer, this ICON, is André Leon Talley. I never knew much about ALT or I should say, I was never curious to do research about him. To me, he was fabulous and interesting in that present moment. I agreed with many of his fashion reviews and understood his many ways of speaking. ALT was the one, after the passing of the late Alexander McQueen, who really nailed the perspective Sarah Burton was coming from on her Fall/Winter 2011 collection for the house and that Kate Middleton should hire her for the royal wedding. That collection was truly feminine, regal and royal. Even though it was titled The Ice Queen and her court, it just made perfect sense for Middleton to tap them for her big day, and alas she did! Just a beautiful wedding gown.


So, why dedicate a post to this ICONIC persona? Why now? Talley was busy this late spring/early summer doing press for his documentary, “The Gospel According to Andre”, which I went to see and just never came around to write about. It is on most streaming services since September and I recently took a second viewing. My love for Carolina Herrera was the main reason I ventured in fashion but it was my love or more my admiration for Talley that made me want to fashion editor, critic, heck even the blogger that I am today. I studied every reference, read on all the fashion show reviews, bought into Vogue and memorized the Who’s Who in Fashion.

The documentary does a magnificent job in providing what type of person Andre really is. It taps on his struggles from Durham all the way to Paris as a WWD reporter. He definitely likes to name drop, he does eloquently on film as much as he does in his writings. I love that whenever he talks about Mrs. Vreeland, his face lights up just as you hoped it did when he describes meeting her for the first time and then when they show him Mrs. Vreeland iconic red dress from Valentino. Of course, the documentary touches on more than the fashion side but it is well mixed with his daily struggles. After all, this fashion powerhouse is human, as many of us have health concerns. I loved his fur coat as well as some of the celebrities that make cameos, who he is styling for events. His passion for fashion is very well alive and you see it throughout the documentary. He is respected, he is loved for the who he is.

At the end of the day, this man is extrovert and he knows it. He is full of life, full of knowledge that this film will inspire you and make you want to go out and conquer your dreams. Andre inspired me back in 90’s and early 2000’s with his column in Vogue magazine. It made me go to fashion school, work hard and gain industry experience. Watching this documentary for the second has inspired me again: to blog more than I used too and to keep pushing my podcast further. After all, one of my main goals is to be the latino version of him, but honestly, no one can replace ALT.




Heavenly Bodies.

Hello Everyone. Thank you for all the likes I am getting and the traffic my podcast as well. We’re having a bit of scheduling problems but we hope to get that sorted out in the next few days, even if that means waking up at the crack of dawn and coming home at dusk. Alas, we’re still committed, and episode two is coming this week.

This post is about the annual Met’s Costume Institute Gala, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination curated by Andrew Bolton. If you’re curious as to how this exhibit and gala is put together check out Andrew Rossi’s 2016 documentary The First Monday in May, and experience how the Met’s 2015 exhibit, China: Through the Looking Glass was put together. It’s one of those great fashion films that is a must see.

This years theme, attendees were told to wear “Your Sunday’s Best”. With that said many male celebrities missed the mark on this except for a few. The following are my top picks.


We got my boy T’Challa, Chadwick Boseman in Atelier Versace and Christia Louboutin, fit right into the theme for his first ever Met Gala. Although, it was a bit borderline cheesy, it was adorned correctly and stopped just in time. The cape was amazing, as the detail of the pants as well. I liked that you could take the cape off and he detailed of the pants were great.



Oh, My Jared. Is there nothing in the world that Jared Leto cannot look good in?! I am asking. Please let me know in the comments section. Jared seems to be Alessandro Michelle muse when it comes to designing, and yet the collaboration seemed to be on point for their latest appearance. In a dusty blue suit, with wide black pinned lapels, an embroidered scarf, and crown completed his bearded, scruffy look. Definitely, channeling the Holy Man himself.


You may or may not know the following nominee, kidding, but you may not know who this person is unless you’re into musical theater and the powerhouses behind them. Jordan Roth is the president and co-owner of the Jujamcyn Theaters in New York City and a close friend of AW. Making his Met Gala debut and consulting with AW, they both choose a piece from Givenchy’s Men’s Haute Couture. The jacket initially started as a cape on a short jacket, but, at Wintour’s guidance, evolved into a longer coat with a cape constructed from strands of beads. The coat in wool and silk red tailored with a red hand-embroidered beaded cape and red straight-leg trousers complete the look.



Nick Jonas has made his rounds to the Met Gala for a few years now. At first, I can admit that his look looked boring to me. It felt too safe for a theme that seemed interesting and challenged men to be creative. So, I then saw a video of Nick getting ready, and they showed the suit. The suit is from Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria. The textile itself is a bit Renaissance with gold cording (or stitching) on the suit. Which loses itself in all the photographs I have seen of Nick. Other than that, his cross chained makes a great alternative to a bowtie, which was his first option.



For as long as you have been reading or following my blog, you know that I love a great dramatic piece. And sure enough, my last pick is as dramatic as it can be. Hamish Bowles whos is American Vogue’s European Editor-at-Large, comments on a lot of the fashion and writes some of the stories. Bowles wore this cardinal watered silk red cape with angelic-like feathers that decorated it made from colorful failles. Underneath, he wore a lilac watered silk suit with similar feathers. I think it was great, it fit the theme and it was amazing.




Here we go..

It’s been a really busy,  more than usual, this past week. Yet I had the opportunity to get the ball rolling on a project that I had a lot of hope for. With work going good, personal life gaining momentum and family becoming more clearer. This seemed like the right time to be a little self-fish and focus on me for once.

With that said. I have started my first podcast, ever, with a friend. Something that started out as a joke but after considering the options we decided to do it. Using her dining room table, her parents around, which they’re hilarious, supporting us through the podcast was simply humble and amazing.

We decided on Fashion Junkies: A Podcast. Recorded on March 12, the day Hubert de Givenchy passed away at the age of 91. Truly, a sad day for fashion, as he was the last living legends of Parisian Fashion. His Maison, given new life through a new creative director, Clare Waight Keller, seems to bring in that feminine touch and romanticism that is much needed. Not knocking down any other previous directors but the master himself knew what he was doing.

That conversation segways to many other topics that we talk about and we are proud of.


Take a listen and please, comment, share subscribe. We know that this podcast is not for everyone. We know that they’re critics that hide behind the keyboards. Yet, we are true to ourselves and we’re not stopping.

Listen to the podcast here: Fashion Junkies: A Podcast




Farewell, Queen.

“I didn’t long to be a designer. I always liked fashion, but it was always a bit sleeping in me.”  Carolina Herrera said once, and it’s one of many quotes I love about her. And just like that, it pretty much sums up my career in fashion and the direction I want to take it. Many years in coordinating fashion events and being around fashion, I know that my time to design. More of that to come, I suppose.

This post is dedicated to my fashion Icon, Carolina Herrera. On February 12, 2018, Carolina presented her Fall/WInter 2018 collection and a few days before that, it was announced that she will step down as creative director and become the Global Ambassador for her brand. She will still be involved but not creatively. Herrera’s parfums is overlooked by her daughter, Carolina Herrera Jr. After 37 years and 70 plus shows, she came out for her final bow. The collection, as always, was luxurious, feminine and very optimistic, which is fantastic for the brand.

Herrera has been on the forefront of what is American Fashion. When heavy hitters like Calvin Klien, Donna Karen, Anne Klien, Ralph Lauren opted for minimalism designs, Oscar de la Renta and she brought forward embellished clothes, body-conscious dresses and glamorous evening gowns to American runways. I remember reading a story about her in one of my mother’s Vogue and Vanidades magazines. I remember seeing a latino name and thinking, “She’s just like me.” It was there that at the age of 13, and the influence of my older siblings and cousins, my passion for fashion ignited. I have been following her career ever since and I have seen her aesthetic evolve.


Her interpretation of the Great Gatsby for summer, in pastels, whites, and greys while everyone was doing the lingerie trend. Women horseback riding through the English forest with feather hats, knee-high boots, in plaids and capes. Or giving us leggins in copper, cassis, lapis, and plum for fall. Or her creative ways of showing us the movement of water for a whole collection, the weaving of a Japanese basket that influenced the whole collection, or the pop of color juxtaposed with bold embellishments and big polka dots prints.

My point is that she always evolved and stayed a bit distanced from trends. With each collection, she got cooler, younger and edgier but remained true to her brand and to the people who she catered to. The many women who have money and who love to wear the beautiful evening gowns. She also knew how to make the collection appeal to the younger crowd. It was evident in the last three collections.

Carolina has passed the torch to  Wes Gordon, a designer that has worked at Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. The sophistication and the point of views of what luxury is to those designers are embedded in him. He’s right on track to lead the Carolina Herrera brand into the future. Afterall, he has been at Herrera’s side for the past 11 months.

I am curious to see what comes out from this new designer. How close to the DNA of CH will be influenced? How much of his own voice as a designer is he putting in the collection? How much creative freedom does he actually have? Only time will tell.

The part that I will be missing the most is those last moments, those last moments of anticipation. When the models have done the finale walk. The attendees are clapping, the lights are down. Then you see that crisp white button-up shirt, before seeing her. That golden hair mixed with gray, just very put together, like what you’ve just seen on the runway. It’s that moment that you realize why you’re there or why you’re viewing the show. It is because you wanna look, you wannabe just as stylish as her.



Black Red Carpet

Hello, fellow readers. It has been awhile and here we are. It is a great time to be a blogger. Or once again. We have a lot of themes to blog about, yet this blog is about fashion, and fashion we shall discuss.

What a wonderful time to see people come together for a great cause. For a great issue that is plaguing many industries. In a time when the discussion of sexual harassment, gender inequality, This is a real-life issue that deserves to be amplified, and who better than A-list celebrities to help. They have the following, the exposure and the platform to get the ball rolling and help end it now.

The long debate in Hollywood has been the wage gap from male to female co-stars. It is something that is everywhere from Hollywood to the Boardrooms. So this years theme for the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press celebrated the color black as a protest for the issues that have come to light in the last few months. So how do you differentiate yourself, your style in a sea of all black? Of course, the different types of textiles, then there’s the silhouette, then there is the wearer, and how can they make it their own. The following are my top 5 picks of the even.

Claire Foy, who was nominated for Netflix’s The Crown. Looked amazing in the menswear-inspired suit by Stella McCartney. Who better than to give it a touch of Saville Row than Stella. The fit was amazing and the styling was great too.


Mary J. Blige has been having an amazing award season. Being nominated for Mudblood, a Netflix original movie, which she is magnificent, it is a well-deserved nomination. Blige wore her custom Alberta Ferretti. Either you call it a boat, off the shoulder, or portrait neckline, I think it worked for her. That silver, crystal sleeve or panel that went all the way down. Really gave it a regal touch.

Golden Globes 2018: Every Look on the Red Carpet

Allison Janey. I really have to say that I liked her Mario Dice. I cannot say that I know his work but upon doing some research many celebrities have worn his gowns on the red carpet. I really liked the white accent of the dress. It really stood out in the sea of all black. I saw a picture of her backstage after receiving her award for I, Tonya, the white pops, as it should.  Breath taking.

Golden Globes 2018: Every Look on the Red Carpet

Saoirse Ronan, the Lady Bird. If you have not seen this film, you must. Ronan is no stranger to award seasons. Her first round was as a teenager outshining her costars in Atonement, then again for Brooklyn, she seriously is an amazing actress. Her Atelier Versace gown was appropriate. The touch of silver gave her a posh look, that balanced the one long sleeve, which seems to be the trend.

Golden Globes 2018: Every Look on the Red Carpet

Wonder Woman, I mean, Gal Gadot was that cool chick at the party that everyone wants to get to know. Her Tom Ford ensemble gave her that touch of reality but still chic. It was cute, flirty but it also was serious and posh appropriate.

Golden Globes 2018: Every Look on the Red Carpet

and finally, because this is a blog for men.  After reviewing the many men that graced the red carpet. They all looked the same to me, with the exception of a few details here and there. Yet, I want to give a shout out, to whoever is styling the kids of Stranger Things. They all looked great and the boys looked super dapper. One, in particular, was Noah Schnapp in Balmain. Not sure if he knows about fashion but his Balmain gear was on point. From the dinner scarf to the four silver buttons, to the slim fit, all the way down to the moccasins. The best part is that he really seemed to be having a great time. And, of course, that’s what should matter.

Golden Globes 2018: Every Look on the Red Carpet