“rolling in the deep”




We are heading into the last 6 months of an election year. For the next 6 months we will be flooded with campaign commercials and news about their every move. Some of us seek change, while other seem to want control to better themselves and their friends. As a result, we, the Middle America, are left hanging. Hanging onto what was once a thick rope and little by little it has been turning into a string.

So this got me thinking, with everything else going on in the world, what other changes can affect our already complex society. More than ever we are seeing all types of people, in different class systems, come together to fight for causes that they believe in. The majority of us, some more than others, are suffering under this unstable economy. Jobs are being taken away, unemployment rising and funds are taken away to some of our important departments. We are neglecting education, science and information technology.

For this blog entry I am giving you an abstract for what my theme is that will eventually lead you into my trend forecast.

Theme: insurgent

Tag line: Free the Spirit and Unite

Story: We are part of the day-to-day struggles of mankind. We are constantly looking of a way to stay alive and have our voice heard. Together we can reach the stars of our dreams, divided we can only dream. So, we must unite and break free from the mold and rise up to take our lives into our own hands. We must go against the norm and be our own individual, our own voice.




Grunge meets Bohemian

What can be said about this trendsetter is that he definitely skips to his own drum beat. Ignoring the trends and making some of his own. John Christopher “Johnny” Depp definitely has style. I found this blog entry to be appropriate being that he will be given the Fashion Icon Award at this years CFDA’s Gala and was named by GQ Most Stylish Celebrity of all time. So, it got me thinking how worthy is Johnny Depp of both recognition’s. The stuff that I found is cool.

Making his first movie appearance in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 and having the most awesome death scene in the film (in my opinion). Depp then  moved on to a small show in the late 1980’s, on Fox called 21 Jump Street were he rose to the teenage heartthrob status. Not satisfied with that tittle and wanting to break into film acting, he started choosing roles that will break him from the 80’s curse of the teenage heartthrob. It was in the 1990 when he met Director Tim Burton and starred in Edward Scissorhands, and from their they have worked in 8 films together.

What intrigues us about Johnny Depp, besides being a superb actor, is his fashion style. In the 90’s he was all about the grunge look sporting the beanie hat, ripped jeans, the slouchy bomber jacket, back then Heroine Chic was in. We then see him transition into a mature boxy three piece suit. Now a days he is seen on the red carpet and everywhere rocking the Retrospecs in the color purple. He then incorporates a bandana, yes a bandana, a scarf, a fedora, assorted bracelets, multiple chains and skull rings all these make up his personal style. Depp pairs all this with his vintage clothes. His style can be labeled disheveled-bohemian chic. A lover for vintage one of kinds finds, he wears them well. On he red carpet he can be seen in a sharp Tom Ford three-piece suit but all while giving it his signature touch the spectators and multiple accessories and (key note) without any neckties.

He is a trendsetter to many types of people. Many magazines and fashionable people praise his style and the women love him, regardless of what he is wearing. If you like accessories, and I do, you will search similar things that he is wearing. If you are part of the vintage craze, you will look to him for apparel inspiration.  If you love a three-piece suit, you will look to him for many ways to wear it and how to make it your own. One thing I did notice when researching Johnny Depp’s style is that he has confidence. Let’s be honest confidence is the key when you are going against the norm.






Role Change?!

The New Power Suit (Donna Karan Fall 2012, style.com)

Have you heard of Faith Popcorn? Although, the name sounds like a popcorn brand, in reality she is the founder of Brain Reserve and an expert when it comes to trend forecasting. The reason I am blogging about her, topic wise, is because in class we had  discussed the issue about gender roles and if their roles have changed, moreover are these changes shifting the fashion industry.

Suit (Rick Owens Summer 2012, style.com)

So, it got me thinking will fashion actually change? or would it even recognize the change? According to the reading from Faith Popcorn, we are seeing men get in touch with their feminine side more than ever. They are exploring the world of plastic surgery and eating healthy more than ever. There is also a rise in stay at home dad’s, meaning that women are the bread winners and the husband is okay with that. Also, it said that women has finally broken through the glass ceiling of the corporate world. They are top managers and executives in corporations.

Taking that into consideration, I believe that we have seen designers play with androgyny for many years. We have seen many interpretations of the power suit for women. There has always been a play with silhouettes as well. As for men’s wear we have seen many attempts for change but none has taken off. We have seen a robes, tunics, and a new interpretation of a men’s suit by Rick Owens. Owens has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to men’s wear but for his Spring/Summer 2012 season it was more evident than ever. His collection showed floor length robes, tunis layered and a skirt suit. At Givenchy, in the same season as Rick Owens, Ricardo Tsici introduced prints and tennis skirts on the male models, and for Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2012 skirts reappeared.

Givenchy Fall 2012 (gq.com)

So the point I am making is that we are in a day of age were we are not easilyshocked. I guess we  have become more tolerant to many social issues than decades before. We have come together too as a whole to want and to believe in change, whether we agree or not, we are at least vocal about the issue. What I am trying to say is that fashion will always evolve, innovate and inspire people. They will always be women that will want a men’s wear inspired wardrobe and they’re women who will still want to wear that flirty little black dress. As for men, I think we will wear bottoms in different lengths, as for a skirt or a robe, all in due time.




Creeping in Creepers..

1950’s The Edwardian look.

As a man and a lover of fashion, I like to have options when shopping. I like to or at least want to see as much variety as women have when trying to find their perfect shoes. I am excited to see our options expand when it comes to shoes. These Spring/Summer season, we are seeing many different options, from bright colors to two tones to actual print and fringes on them. What I am most excited for is the new interpretation of the Neo-Creeper shoe.

The Neo-Creeper shoe was first introduced in the 1950’s London underground scene. A Neo-Creeper or a Teddy Boy is a suede shoe with thick crepe sole. This shoe was born out of necessity in the years after World War II. The name Creeper comes from the late night strolls that the young service men would take to the brothels of the city. The young service men would be seen creeping around in the area wearing these shoes. After that we have seen the shoe be interpreted into a more punk rock look and even turned into boots during the 80’s.

Burberry Prorsum SS 2012

So be a bit Rock and Roll this season. The Neo-Creepers comes this spring/summer  men’s 2012 season in many styles. Get them two toned, with a print or with sequins, the options are endless. Wear the shoe with straight cut pants and a bolo tie, this will help you in achieving a hundred percent rockabilly look.





Burberry Prorsum SS 2012 style.com

(vintage picture) neo-geisha.au


the hoodie diaries begins..


showing off my black patent glasses!

I am Gustavo, new to the blog world.  venturing into a new field and putting all my love and expertise to the test. 

Currently a student in the fashion merchandising field and a fashion lover of  the old, the new and the couture. I can honestly say that I was inspired by Carolina Herrera in my teens and knew that instant, that somehow, someway I must be apart of this billion dollar fashion industry. I have a unique taste, I have something to say when it comes to fashion. 

I will put all my skills learned to the test and bring to you, not only my likes, my must-haves but bring your love for fashion to a whole new level. Whether you are a woman, a man, an industry insider or just have an admiration for fashion, this blog is for you.  

Although my personal style is a pair of jeans, a  tee and a hoodie, that does not mean I cannot bring you a kick-ass trend forecast and a trend report.I would use this blog to bring you exciting news about what is hot in Chicago fashion and what is going on nationally and globally. We, the citizens of Chicago, have style and it’s about time that the world takes notice.