the hoodie diaries begins..


showing off my black patent glasses!

I am Gustavo, new to the blog world.  venturing into a new field and putting all my love and expertise to the test. 

Currently a student in the fashion merchandising field and a fashion lover of  the old, the new and the couture. I can honestly say that I was inspired by Carolina Herrera in my teens and knew that instant, that somehow, someway I must be apart of this billion dollar fashion industry. I have a unique taste, I have something to say when it comes to fashion. 

I will put all my skills learned to the test and bring to you, not only my likes, my must-haves but bring your love for fashion to a whole new level. Whether you are a woman, a man, an industry insider or just have an admiration for fashion, this blog is for you.  

Although my personal style is a pair of jeans, a  tee and a hoodie, that does not mean I cannot bring you a kick-ass trend forecast and a trend report.I would use this blog to bring you exciting news about what is hot in Chicago fashion and what is going on nationally and globally. We, the citizens of Chicago, have style and it’s about time that the world takes notice.




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