Creeping in Creepers..

1950’s The Edwardian look.

As a man and a lover of fashion, I like to have options when shopping. I like to or at least want to see as much variety as women have when trying to find their perfect shoes. I am excited to see our options expand when it comes to shoes. These Spring/Summer season, we are seeing many different options, from bright colors to two tones to actual print and fringes on them. What I am most excited for is the new interpretation of the Neo-Creeper shoe.

The Neo-Creeper shoe was first introduced in the 1950’s London underground scene. A Neo-Creeper or a Teddy Boy is a suede shoe with thick crepe sole. This shoe was born out of necessity in the years after World War II. The name Creeper comes from the late night strolls that the young service men would take to the brothels of the city. The young service men would be seen creeping around in the area wearing these shoes. After that we have seen the shoe be interpreted into a more punk rock look and even turned into boots during the 80’s.

Burberry Prorsum SS 2012

So be a bit Rock and Roll this season. The Neo-Creepers comes this spring/summer  men’s 2012 season in many styles. Get them two toned, with a print or with sequins, the options are endless. Wear the shoe with straight cut pants and a bolo tie, this will help you in achieving a hundred percent rockabilly look.




Burberry Prorsum SS 2012

(vintage picture)


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