Role Change?!

The New Power Suit (Donna Karan Fall 2012,

Have you heard of Faith Popcorn? Although, the name sounds like a popcorn brand, in reality she is the founder of Brain Reserve and an expert when it comes to trend forecasting. The reason I am blogging about her, topic wise, is because in class we had  discussed the issue about gender roles and if their roles have changed, moreover are these changes shifting the fashion industry.

Suit (Rick Owens Summer 2012,

So, it got me thinking will fashion actually change? or would it even recognize the change? According to the reading from Faith Popcorn, we are seeing men get in touch with their feminine side more than ever. They are exploring the world of plastic surgery and eating healthy more than ever. There is also a rise in stay at home dad’s, meaning that women are the bread winners and the husband is okay with that. Also, it said that women has finally broken through the glass ceiling of the corporate world. They are top managers and executives in corporations.

Taking that into consideration, I believe that we have seen designers play with androgyny for many years. We have seen many interpretations of the power suit for women. There has always been a play with silhouettes as well. As for men’s wear we have seen many attempts for change but none has taken off. We have seen a robes, tunics, and a new interpretation of a men’s suit by Rick Owens. Owens has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to men’s wear but for his Spring/Summer 2012 season it was more evident than ever. His collection showed floor length robes, tunis layered and a skirt suit. At Givenchy, in the same season as Rick Owens, Ricardo Tsici introduced prints and tennis skirts on the male models, and for Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2012 skirts reappeared.

Givenchy Fall 2012 (

So the point I am making is that we are in a day of age were we are not easilyshocked. I guess we  have become more tolerant to many social issues than decades before. We have come together too as a whole to want and to believe in change, whether we agree or not, we are at least vocal about the issue. What I am trying to say is that fashion will always evolve, innovate and inspire people. They will always be women that will want a men’s wear inspired wardrobe and they’re women who will still want to wear that flirty little black dress. As for men, I think we will wear bottoms in different lengths, as for a skirt or a robe, all in due time.




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