Grunge meets Bohemian

What can be said about this trendsetter is that he definitely skips to his own drum beat. Ignoring the trends and making some of his own. John Christopher “Johnny” Depp definitely has style. I found this blog entry to be appropriate being that he will be given the Fashion Icon Award at this years CFDA’s Gala and was named by GQ Most Stylish Celebrity of all time. So, it got me thinking how worthy is Johnny Depp of both recognition’s. The stuff that I found is cool.

Making his first movie appearance in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 and having the most awesome death scene in the film (in my opinion). Depp then  moved on to a small show in the late 1980’s, on Fox called 21 Jump Street were he rose to the teenage heartthrob status. Not satisfied with that tittle and wanting to break into film acting, he started choosing roles that will break him from the 80’s curse of the teenage heartthrob. It was in the 1990 when he met Director Tim Burton and starred in Edward Scissorhands, and from their they have worked in 8 films together.

What intrigues us about Johnny Depp, besides being a superb actor, is his fashion style. In the 90’s he was all about the grunge look sporting the beanie hat, ripped jeans, the slouchy bomber jacket, back then Heroine Chic was in. We then see him transition into a mature boxy three piece suit. Now a days he is seen on the red carpet and everywhere rocking the Retrospecs in the color purple. He then incorporates a bandana, yes a bandana, a scarf, a fedora, assorted bracelets, multiple chains and skull rings all these make up his personal style. Depp pairs all this with his vintage clothes. His style can be labeled disheveled-bohemian chic. A lover for vintage one of kinds finds, he wears them well. On he red carpet he can be seen in a sharp Tom Ford three-piece suit but all while giving it his signature touch the spectators and multiple accessories and (key note) without any neckties.

He is a trendsetter to many types of people. Many magazines and fashionable people praise his style and the women love him, regardless of what he is wearing. If you like accessories, and I do, you will search similar things that he is wearing. If you are part of the vintage craze, you will look to him for apparel inspiration.  If you love a three-piece suit, you will look to him for many ways to wear it and how to make it your own. One thing I did notice when researching Johnny Depp’s style is that he has confidence. Let’s be honest confidence is the key when you are going against the norm.




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