“rolling in the deep”




We are heading into the last 6 months of an election year. For the next 6 months we will be flooded with campaign commercials and news about their every move. Some of us seek change, while other seem to want control to better themselves and their friends. As a result, we, the Middle America, are left hanging. Hanging onto what was once a thick rope and little by little it has been turning into a string.

So this got me thinking, with everything else going on in the world, what other changes can affect our already complex society. More than ever we are seeing all types of people, in different class systems, come together to fight for causes that they believe in. The majority of us, some more than others, are suffering under this unstable economy. Jobs are being taken away, unemployment rising and funds are taken away to some of our important departments. We are neglecting education, science and information technology.

For this blog entry I am giving you an abstract for what my theme is that will eventually lead you into my trend forecast.

Theme: insurgent

Tag line: Free the Spirit and Unite

Story: We are part of the day-to-day struggles of mankind. We are constantly looking of a way to stay alive and have our voice heard. Together we can reach the stars of our dreams, divided we can only dream. So, we must unite and break free from the mold and rise up to take our lives into our own hands. We must go against the norm and be our own individual, our own voice.




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