Insurgent fall 2014

For the last 10 weeks I have been researching and organizing my thoughts to bring you a trend forecast for fall 2014. I have not been blogging about it because I have been focusing on putting together 8 magnificent boards. My last blog entry gave you the overall theme and the direction I was leading my forecast. The main idea behind my forecast is that we are going deeper into this darkness no matter who is elected President of the United States or how financially stable you may be. I believe that we will be in this darkness and fashion will be dark, grungy and rawness to it.

From there everything else pretty much fell into place. The colors and textiles boards came about from constant research of menswear collections, yes this is a men’s forecast. I was looking for similarities from silhouettes and colors one collection after another. After noticing the repetition from collection to collection, forecasting looks was the fun part. I choose three types of looks, I was drawn to them because they had a good balance of idea and creativity, something that men’s wear is lacking. We need talented designers to push the envelope and the ones found on my boards are doing just that. I know that the unruly look is a bit too much for American Sportswear but I think we are moving away from this box of conformity that men are in, we are pushing the boundaries. This look will be the new suit, the jacket, the pants and the skirt.  We can dubbed this the new 4 piece suit.

From there we move on to the disheveled and slouch looks. Disheveled comes from the tunics that I saw in many variations throughout the collections that I view. It was a new preppy but dirty, dark and disheveled. The lengths varied as well as the texture and the styling to the look. The slouch comes from the ease-lazy look that usually comes from a hoodie. I am forecasting the following: the cardigans will be dubbed the new hoodie. It gives you this comfortable, oversize feeling just like a hoodie does.

The accessories board was fun. I was seeing a lot of “arm warmers” throughout fall collections in varies years. Those came in variations like full elbow gloves, fingerless to the elbow gloves or just warmer like sleeve from wrist to elbow. Something new, something funky. I think men will explore deeper “the merse”, it will not be afraid to have some details attached to the bag. He will also wear boots, sport a chunky looking scarf and love a driver hat. The one trend coming out of this board is the cuff/bracelet on it. I think men are finding that bracelets and rings are not only for women. I see this trend taking off, we saw it this summer with the whole anchor rope bracelets. But my guy is looking for something one of a kind, rugged and rebellious.

This my forecast. This is my work. It was amazing to push myself and to explore my creative side, my dark side. It was draining but worth every second of it.






Look 1

Look 2