Days Away and Anxious

My last post I blogged about this exciting adventure to New York City, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Fast-forward five weeks later and we have accomplished a lot, well sort of. As tourists, we have dubbed NYC as our new playground but as students we have mapped it out as a journalist-in-training. Here is what we have done, thus far.

First Assignment: We are landing hours before fashions big night, you got it, Fashion’s Night Out! We have broke into groups and our mission is to experience this magnificent night along the many fashionable people of New Yorkers.   One groups is staying in Midtown hitting many great shops and exploring its surroundings. The second group is hitting up Upper East side. My group and I are hitting SoHo!! Starting off at Bergdorf Goodman and then traveling to SoHo, many shops shall await our arrivals. Stay tuned in to read about the things we did on Fashion’s Night Out.

Second Assignment: “Our goal after our day appointments is: Getting into many fashion shows as possible” Susan Wade. During our fourth week of class, I think, they released the PR contacts for all (or most) that are participating in MB’s Fashion Week. Our task, as a class, was to contact as many PR firms to get into all or if to any fashion shows as possible. I took the task on contacting 3 major designers: Tracy Reese, Carmen Marc Valvo and Chado Ralph Rucci. Three magnificent designers.

About  a few days later, we were all awaiting some type of email with a request. We want to get into these shows! I received emails from Carmen Marc Valvo’s and Tracy Reese’s PR and both declined but at the same time were generous and I love them for that. A few minutes later one of my classmate sitting next to me is showing me something in her monitor and says, “who is rucci, they so messed up my name!” I was like “hold on, go back!” scanned her email and told the class to check their email. Everyone got in except for Susan and I, I got mine moments later Susan a day later.

So there it is! Chado Ralph Rucci, is one of the big time designers show we got into.  We have been invited to about 4 more shows. We are excited and we are going to enjoy Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week!!




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