Back to Reality (Chicago)

 oh, my gawd you guys, (haha!).. Sorry for not posting anything for about a week or two. I have been busy with school, work and recovering from my school trip to NYC!!

Where to start, where to start?! I am not going to bore you with the details of getting up early and boring airport details, although I will share a picture of that. Landing in La Guardia Airport, we took a shuttle bus to our hotel, The Wellington. We had time to spare before joining the crowd for FNO. May I say, that Thursday and Friday, were the hottest, humid days ever!! LOL!!

For FNO, my partners Armando, Juanita and I, started out at Bergdorf Goodman, amazing store you guys. We walked, we saw women buying stuff and the Chanel section jammed packed. At Bergdorf is were we ran into Rachel Zoe and her clan. She looks frail, she’s all bones with only long blond locks like cousin IT! (haha!) To be real she is thin but her blue ensemble was really cute. We also saw Prabal Gurung posing for pictures.

 We then made our way to SoHo. Which marked our first time in a New York subway and let me tell you, it was jammed backed. Getting off at Prince Street stop was jammed packed. SoHo for FNO was a big block party. Here we went into stores like Desigual and other New Yorker stores, we also tried to get into Stella McCartney and rag and bone but they were all VIP list only. We tried to get lie our way in, but no luck!! We then went into A/X, Banana Republic and Lacoste. Lacoste was fun, it was a party with free drinks, but the line was soooo loooong! After grabbing a couple of drinks we walked around Soho, pushing through the crowd and soaking up the event, the people, most importantly the experience.

For the next few days we visited many companies and a few showrooms. Everyone was nice and our meetings were interactive, except for one. Not going into detail which company it was, just saying that it was a scripted “meeting” then again it our hosts were accompinied by four corporate people. Anyway, we met people from Fashion Snoops (the site for everything fashion and forecasting), M&S Schmalberg (amazing place!) Cejon Accessories (we got a goodies), GODIVA (visually amazing), Walter Baker (He was there!!) Grown Beans (this lady has amazing work) and Kleinfeld (bridal extravaganza!!). There is more but these were my favorites!

Now for the moment you have been waiting for: THE FASHION SHOWS!!!

On Friday night we sat middle row/section to the Academy of Art University. Based in San Francisco, they showed collections from recently graduated student. This institution is the largest private art and design university in the US.  It was work by their students. It was very visually appealing. I am an evening wear fanatic, so I liked the dresses at the end of the collection and the cocktail dress throughout the show. How ever I can point out to say tha

 t the jackets were nicely done and some volume to them, really nice. I also like the black and white section of it. The pop of color in the middle was amazing. Click on this to view it: Academy of Art University MBFashionweek. 

Saturday night we had two fashion shows. VLOV and Vanexiana. At VLOV, he is an amazing menswear and really big in China. His clothes is worn by many trendy China men. the focus was shorts!! Shorts are trending big time for menswear for Spring 2013. They were a bit above the knee but fitted paired with a sports coat that took it from day to evening. Color palette was neutral my favorite look was the  last one: Pastel Pink suit paired with a print button up shirt! Click here: VLOV-MBFashionweek

At Vanexiana it was full on evening wear. To me, at times it seemed a bit like prom season. During our visit, we visited the showroom of Jovani, were they design prom dresses. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff at Jovani was great and nice to look at, but if it would go to Fashion Week it will be another Vanexiana, although Vanexiana will be more expensive. Vanexiana was a bit flashy, it was dresses were embellished, spring like colors, it was evening wear going to the prom. They were some great pieces, you make your own judgement. Click here: Vanexiana-MBFashionweek

On Sunday we saw Zang Toi and Chado Ralph Rucci. Both shows were amazing! Zang Toi was evening wear, something that the New York socialites are accustomed too. Speaking off the Real Housewives of New York were front row and center. Ramona, Sonja and ex-member Alex McCord and Simon. Further down the row was Ivanna Trump, a stylish woman! Oh, and a slim Christie Alley. Click here: Zang Toi-MBFashionweek

At Chado Ralph Rucci, I really like this collection. My two favorite pieces was the white silk cloque dress with a pink plastic detail at the waist and this basic black tank paired with a skirt that seemed that the print was painted on. Overall the collection was amazing and closest to couture that we saw during our trip. It is couture. I also like the pops yellow, coral and pink. Here we saw the amazing Carmen Dell’Orefice, Paula Abdual and Martha Stuart. Click here: Chado-MBFashionweek

If the links do not work, is great site to visit as well.

Overall, I had an amazing experience and it was a trip worth taken. Every visit was a pep talk, a motivation I needed, we all needed to hear. Some of us in this class are at the end our IADT journey, and we are afraid because we are not sure which direction to go, this trip just snapped us out of the being stuck, even of being afraid of the next step. From the visits, we grasp the concept to be ambitious, to reach for that star that is high but attainable. And that sometimes you have to go left instead of right. That sometimes you have to take a long walk instead of taking the short cut. And that even though you are running into hurdles, you can overcome them.

Everyone, in my class, has a memorable quote from each visit that stuck with us individually. The one that stuck with me is from Cecilia from Fashion Snoops, “Take every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be shy!” Once she said that it connected with me. I tend to doubt myself, at times, when it comes to my work and expertise. I feel that when I get praised for it, I am being made fun of. I guess, I am not used to complements, that is a whole different blog post/subject, I am working on it though, and I have gotten somewhat better at it.

If you guys have any questions about my trip or want more details, leave a comment! Like my post, share it, comment! Thank you for following!!


style icon Carmen Dell’Orefice



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