Coming to an End…

I have been blogging for about twenty weeks and I am loving it. Although, I completely forget about it, I still think about my bow-tie!! The main purpose of this blog was that it coincided with my trend forecasting class (feel free to read all my posts!) I prefer this type of writing than I prefer English Papers and Research Papers, to many guidelines and rules for me. I like to just type and not think about who I am misquoting or where to put the citation at.

I am finishing my fall term at IADT-Chicago. It has been a fun term filled with amazing classmates and open minded discussions. Political Science was an amazing course. We pushed and challenged each others ideas, thoughts and opinions without getting offended. The advanced topics class New York trip will always be the highlight of my life, of this year and even the best part of the last three years at IADT. I still have ONE more term to go but I guess I am in the process of starting to say good-bye to IADT. Saying good-bye to the school, the  instructors that I love, to the friends I have made along the way. The friends that I bonded and became close with will be in my life one way or another, but not as much as I would like them to be. We are starting to get those jobs we have craved and/or the internships that will lead us to that dream job.

As for myself, I was a bit hard-headed on getting this one specific internship. I love the creativity of Threadless tees and their sister website Society 6. Both are artistically brilliant, interning for them would have been like winning the lottery. I saw on their website that they were looking for interns but after repeatedly sending them my cover letter and resume, no luck!! I was then looking around for something in menswear, but nothing in a retail environment. I have done customer service and hard lines retail for about 10 years and I have had enough. I was guiding myself for something behind the scenes, but as a fashion merchandiser where do I start looking?

I knew that being a buyer was out of the question and many of my instructors agreed with me. It is not that I don not like it, trust me I can be a buyer but I need something that is creative and ever changing daily. I guess daily routines are boring to me. Besides Trend forecasting and Product development, which is also something that I would want to do, I also enjoyed my courses of Public Relations and Fashion Journalism. The funny thing is that I had the same instructor for PR, Fashion Journalism for my English 102 course, which is a 14 page research paper. I remember Catie pulling me to the side and telling me that my PR and Journalism work were better than my English paper. HAHA!! To be honest I had a good topic, it was Hitler’s influence on White Supremacy. I worked hard on that paper but towards the end of it I was overwhelmed and I just put stuff together. I passed, nonetheless not with the grade I wanted but it is what it is.

Feeling the pressure from my program chair and the beloved Susan, I was desperate for an internship! At this point, somewhere and anywhere!! When I was cornered by Dr. A and Susan (not really but I was dropping something off to Susan) I was given information about Cesar. He needed help with PR and Social Media, he needed the help NOW!! To be quite honest, I felt I was given this because of this blog, don’t get me wrong I want to be the Hispanic version of Andre Leon Talley but in my mind I wanted to gain it some other way.

I finally emailed my cover letter and resume to the corresponding person. It has been a full day without hearing anything. Saturday I was at school working on stuff and all I could think of was ” I should forward my email to Cesar about the internship.” I heard in the background the voice of Dr. A we talked and she suggested I did. Remember clock is ticking and I am running out of time! I composed something quick and with in minutes I got a reply back. I was on the phone with him a few seconds after that. Just like that I got an internship, I was excited that something came trough.

Meeting with him was great. I had doubts about my skills but he made me feel comfortable. His passion for what he does is inspiring and it sucked me in. I may not believe in a lot of things, I am a though, a big believer in karma and things-happen-for-a-reason kind of way. I now believe I was meant to get this internship. Many good things can come out of this. As I type this blog and I mentioned Catie above, I also remember her telling me to pursue something in PR or Journalism. I told her I would think about it, but I never did. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. Then again as I was entering my senior school status and internships were being drilled into our heads. I ran into her in the hallway at school and asked for any leads on PR.

My task as a PR Intern is to reach as many local media: print, radio and television and remind the media of our up and coming event: Latino Fashion Week. I would also reach national and international media about this event. This event is held in Chicago and it is a big production. Many Latino celebrities have been confirmed.  Latino Fashion Week is in October from the 9th to the 13th. Many things are scheduled and it will be a busy time for me.

I will try and blog as much as I can and reveal as much as I can too. This is real life, no more classroom lectures or pretend finals! This is the real deal!



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