Month: October 2012

When will I sleep?!?!?!

This week was suppose to be my week. MY WEEK!! A week just dedicated to me lounging around my house eating a bowl of cereal and watching daytime television. Instead I am interning, which has been great so far, working more hours than I want at the Deli and running errands for my Papa! I just needed this week for me. It was all I looked forward too when my term was about to be over.

My internship is going great. Latino Fashion Week kicked off last night and the turnout was amazing. I saw many local Chicago Hispanic personalities and some press people who I have admired. Although, I was lost I did manage to find my way to my mentor. I was public enemy number one, to many of the other interns. I had privileges that not many had. I was honored but felt awkward too. I guess I am feeling a bit sad because I had something personal come up today. Today of all days!! Today was the big event at Macy’s on State Street, due to personal reasons I could not make it. I know it is a BIG NO NO as an intern.  I just got off the phone with my mentor. Let’s just say that the conversation was one-sided. As much as I wanted to answer back, I knew that I F*cked up and stood quite. I mean he had a point on everything he said and at the end of this internship and in the long run it affects me, my future/career. Plus, I would have had two UPSET women if I were to be dropped as an intern.

I just wanted a week with no school related functions or anything that required thinking, as in anything more than common sense! LOL!! I wanted the creative part of my brain to relax as well. I wanted it to be fresh for Portfolio. I have seen many of my peers go crazy and stressing over this class. To me it should be about creativity and how well you can merchandise yourself on paper. I can’t say that I haven’t been thinking about ideas for this class since last term. I guess, I am starting to organize myself. I am looking forward to this class.

Besides waking up early each day, doing my internship events. I did have a few minutes to stop at the library and pick up a book. Hey, I need some sort of relaxation. I am currently reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower written by Stephen Chbosky. So far, it has gotten my attention but I get sleepy and force myself to put it down. It is a short and easy read but the lack of sleep makes me loose concentration for the book. The book has been turned into a movie with Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller (I LOVE that name Ezra) as the main characters. The movie has been out as a limited release but this week it will be released on a national level. Anyway, Logan Lerman starred in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief back in 2010. I remember seeing Logan in a small short-lived series on the WB called Jack & Bobby, based on the young lives of the Kennedy brothers. I liked the show, too bad it got canceled. I was intrigued about this Perks movie because of Emma Watson. Coming off of Harry Potterstardom as Hermione Granger, I loved her in that. She had a small part in last years My Week with Marilyn, if you have not seen that movie go and see it now. As the British say, its brilliant! As for Ezra Miller, he has done some independent films my favorite has been We Need To Talk About Kevin with Tilda Swinton, based on the book by Lionel Shriver. This movie is absolutely amazing. Tilda Swinton is superb in all her movies, she’s a favorite of mine, but Ezra can hold his own. Besides the tragic plot, I was really impressed by the two children in this movie.  They show Kevin in three stages of his life and the discipline that the two kids showed on this film was mind-blowing. They were spot on and believable as evil children. You Must Check This Film OUT!! I always recommend it!! So watch it!!

I guess I am done blabbering for a day. My eye lids are getting heavy. Like always, like, comment and share this post. And thank you for reading this post without a purpose.


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Movie Poster
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Tilda, Ezra, Rock Duer (Kevin- Toddler) and Jasper Newell (Kevin 6-8 years old)