I am about finished with week three out of a ten week term. This is my last one!! No more books to carry home, which I hardly did. No more sleepless nights finishing final projects or just finishing homework. I have a huge procrastination problem, you guys! Although, I always pulled through and got all my assignments and projects turned in on time, I am for some strange reason creatively drained. Is that even possible?! I think so!

As I am writing this as I take a break from doing my portfolio class assignment: producing creative business cards. I really like the creativeness of this class but at this point I just want to be in bed, sleeping. Maybe I’m just being a big baby about this; Hey, it’s the perks of being an only child! I am trying to get out of this funk, I even went as far as to challenge myself on an Art History assignment. Something that should’ve been easy, non-important turned into an all night-er but I really enjoyed the outcome of it. It was creating something inspired by certain paintings and buildings created during the Baroque, Rococo and Realism art movements. I choose the Palace of Versailles. (Oh, and a big shout out to my bff Armando! He totally helped me out with this assignment!!)

I guess I took a lot on my plate this last term. It was something that I was trying avoid but avoiding them would have been the wrong thing to do. I guess I am too busy and just want to put my feet up and relax. I am constantly on the go, but I have made school a priority. It is too late in the game to just give up, not quitting, but to actually pull through fully intact. I am trying to manage work, school, internship, being President of Behind the Scenes and a social life. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I am not complaining, I’m just venting. This is how I can get some frustration out. A deep tissue massage can help too, but I can’t afford that luxury just yet.

I was having dinner with my friend last night, someone I haven’t seen in about three months. We talked, laughed, had a few drinks. We are kind of on the same boat. She is off doing her own thing at Columbia, she wants to be a music producer or a tour manager. My friend and I agreed that we are finally “growing up”. Getting focused and in gear to make a career for ourselves. This the reason why we came to school. It is the reason why we STAYED in school. It is the motivation we need. Well, it is the motivation I needed. I have eight more weeks to go, she has about twenty more to go.



Here is the Illustration I created, with the help of Armando. I had a vision of doing a wedding gown inspired by the Palace of Versailles, but I love evening wear, so we went that route.