Lets us Color our wardrobe!

Hello, My Followers.

I have been busy with IMC, we are creating amazing things and collaborating on multiple projects. Its been fun. I’ve been waiting to post something, but it had to be fashion related and what else is there but Men’s Fashion Week. Surely, it has been over for about two weeks, maybe three, but going through the majority of the collections take time. I have tried following it on a daily basis, but that takes more than dedication.

I am always looking forward to seeing Fall/Winter collections because those are my favorite seasons. I love a chunky scarf, to snug up in a sweater and so on. When viewing these collections, I have noticed that I am looking for patterns from one collection to another. It is a habit I picked up from my Trend Analysis course. Nonetheless, I still love going through all the pictures and looking at detail shots. Lets Break down what I think will be trending from the Fall/Winter 2013 Collections.

Yellow Bright!


Yellow has been all over the runways. It is an interesting color for Fall. Many designers love using dark colors for this particular season. I do not like color, especially Yellow, but I am liking the way it was used. Yellow was used in a darker shade and at times in a bright way. It was used in on tops, bottoms and even on coats. I personally think, yellow looks amazing as a coat color, Andrea Pompilio had some amazing ones! It is an accent color, that men must use.

Feeling Blue?


Blue, as well, has been used this season. It was used in many shades and on different apparel pieces. I really liked the way Miuccia Prada used the blue in her collection. It was so Prada, the simplicity, the minimalist of it but at the same time it felt fresh and new. It was a collection for every man. That blue sports coat is amazing. Gucci, used the blue in a pastel way, my favorite piece was the opening number.

Burgundy is not just for Wine!


I have been convinced on this color and I will get something in this color for the next Fall season. I enjoyed the way it was used. Lanvin went a bit bright but that sports coat looks incredible. I love how at Alexander McQueen it was used on velvet, that took that look to a whole other level. It felt like a million bucks!! Speaking of velvet it was used a lot through out this season. It has been a staple for menswear in the last few years. We saw Eddie Redmayne wore a chocolate-brown velvet suit by Black by Hugo Boss at SAG Awards. Velvet, ombrè, leather and corduroy also in the mix at fashion week.

Let’s go Wide!


I happen to love the wide trouser for men, I, in the other hand cannot wear it I will look to boxy. I was surprised that French designers were sending men in wide leg trousers. In Milan it was straight tapered and fitting. Both Ann Demuelemeester and Dries Van Noten nailed the look completely. It was grunge but more preppy and clean. It still gave the model a form and that is key when wearing a wide leg trouser.

Show some Print!


Prints came alive during fashion week. Men are more accepting of it and the designers delivered. I love the houndstooth print at Paul Smith, his collection was nicely done. It had color, like expected but used the prints to take his aesthetic more forward. Rick Owens used lines and he usually does in all of his designs but this one seemed a bit fresh and more likely to trend. Christopher Bailey of Burberry showed a lot of prints in his ❤ Classic collection. Showed leopard, zebra and hearts on sweaters, shoes and bags it was adorable. Dolce & Gabbana embroidered most of their collection.

After reviewing these collections, I have to say that John Varvatos has been on my radar for a few seasons now. In the beginning he seemed to get the trends a little too late. Maybe his collaboration for Converse has helped him get in tune and reach a target market he couldn’t before. Nonetheless, this season he provided his customer options: motorcycle waistcoats, vests, boot cut suits, a cape and amazing brogues. His collection went from grey to blue, the accessories were cool looking, I want the cape and those boots!

One thing before ending this is my take on the coat of the season. I had always admired the coats that are always shown at all the Burberry Prorsum fashion shows. It is a company that has made many impeccable outterwear for a century and more. When I was watching the Burberry Mens Fall Fashion Show, I was really impressed with their interpretation of their classic trench coat in PVC-rubbery-Vinyl fabric. As soon as it turned the corner I was intrigued as it walked down the runway I was in love with it! It is simple yet, very chic and fresh. It reminded me of those plastic coats Prada a few seasons ago, then again so did Burberry for their womenswear.



Career, Get-Set-Go?!

Hello My Fellow Followers, 

I know it has been awhile since my last post. I’ve had a tense 10 week  school term, that has been over for about 2 weeks and I am still trying to recuperate. Towards the end of the term I was ready to throw in the towel. I was drained emotionally, physically and creatively. Alas, I pulled through and managed to deliver a great portfolio, if I do say so myself. I was counting down the weeks for the term to be over.To be free from lectures, homework assignments and final projects. And now that that is over, school time has been replaced with more work hours (the non-luxury one)  but I am once again watching some television. I finally caught up with Glee and Scandal!! Oh my god, you guys, Poor President Fitzgerald Grant!!! 

As my followers know, I was doing a PR Internship with Latino Fashion Week. After that was over, I was doing more PR work for its’ parent company Imagen Marketing Consultants. I was working one on one with my mentor researching perspective clients and researching a bunch of other things. Towards the end of school term, I got offered a part-time position with IMC and I took it. I’ve been working the social media sites and looking into other things that will make me more knowledgeable in Social Media Marketing, that I can use to my advantage in exposing IMC to a market that was never attainable. 

I was given my first project right before the school term was over. If this works out, this project can be turned to my first client. I have been excited since day one and together we have made some first great impressions in the film industry. More details on that to come. 

My second project was given to me today. Today was the first time that IMC sat down as a group with a client. Bouncing out ideas and hearing each other was a great experience. We all had different perspectives of how the Expo should turn out but the overall goal is that we want the expo to be a success. We are gearing towards that and we shall achieve that goal. I will be in charge in building a social media campaign for our expo. Some details are being finalized before I can release any more information. 

So, on my way home after this meeting, I just sat there and started to think. Thinking about my education at IADT. That all the hard work, all those late nights and money invested on final projects was all worth it, no matter how much I complained. Then I remembered an email that Cesar, my internship mentor turned boss, sent me after the portfolio showcase. He told me how impressed he was with my portfolio and the way I branded myself. He praised me, something that still feels weird to me. But he is right, I see things that he doesn’t and that is why he won’t let me go. And I see myself doing a lot of great things with IMC. I never saw myself in a PR & Social Media Marketing field and I am loving every minute of it.