Month: February 2013

Greetings from the Bat-Cave…

Greetings my fellow followers,

Just checking in and taking a break from my busy PR & Social Media Marketing life. IMC, Imagen Marketing Consultants, is working hard on our up coming event titled Chicago’s Teen Expo. Surely, our press conference was about month ago and the official event wont happen until April 5th to the 7th weekend at the McCormick Center in Chicago, but we are working around the clock!!

I have been pressing my fingers down on to the phone’s key pad and making those cold calls. We are looking for vendors and we are in need now. I guess this all part of the job. We shall be successful and we shall book all that will want to be apart of this event.

It is really hard to try and keep oneself organized and do things on a daily basis. I sometimes feel that there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything that needs to get done. I just need to stop trying to fill up my plate, I don’t need to keep refilling it. I need to learn to pass things up and take a breather. What I really need is a vacation!!

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! Where to go?!