Visually awaken!

Good evening, guys and gals! It is evening here in Chicago. Today was a wonderful sunny day! The many inches of snow that fell on Tuesday are slowing melting away!! I love me some winter weather, but I am in need of some summer heat!! I hate hot-humid-sticky days, but I am a bit tired of wearing my ACG boots!!

So, my days have been busy, getting the social media aspect for our Chicago Teen Expo up and running. We have been finalizing all the seminars and programs, this will be a great hit! The response from sponsors, vendors and from the institutions have been great. Just like us, they also want to empower today’s Chicago Youth. This event is for the whole Chicagoland region, not only metro area. Which makes the event even more meaningful. So, entertainment wise, we have an excellent fashion show and a singing contest that should bring the roof down!! We have booked a young girl from Arabs Got Talent. Her name is Dalia Chih and she can belt out some tunes!! She has been booked to sing, further details to come,but enjoy this YouTube video below:


So, I do not remember if I mentioned about a New York visual window I was doing for my school as an alum. Well, this window is to promote the New York-Fashion Week trip our merchandisers and fashion design students take. And as a side note: I am deeply sadden that Fashion’s Night Out has been canceled!! What a sad day in Fashion. I, honestly, did not want to do the window. I finally came on board because of one my dear friends really wanted to do it and I was supposed to play a supporting role. In life, not everything goes as plan. I initially took reigns on the project and helped came up with the concept. Although, I was seven (7) weeks late in making the change. I was really impressed with the outcome. A big shout out to my Friend Daniel, who with his help, the window will not get done. And as in the design world, what matters is not who does it, but who comes up with the design. It’s a harsh world, you guys!! BUT I thanked him a billion times and I meant it every time.

The concept was New York shopping experience. Showcasing New York designers and boutique staples. I had fun going into these high-end stores and asking for their shopping bags. Although, I got shot-down but many of the well-known, others were nice and gave me more than enough bags! The dress (if you can zoom in) was made by my friend Maribel Castañeda, a recent graduate as well, this is her couture piece and was showcased at Imagine, IADT’s annual fashion show. I am glad that she lent it to me, her dress fits in with our theme. I am fighting with Daniel over the Brooklyn bridge giant poster! It will look fabulous in my room!

Dress by Maribel Castañeda

Until Next Time!


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