Hello My Fellow People,

We are days away from our Teen Expo educational pavilion and stress levels are high!! I have been out of work due to an illness, not so good!!  Things seem to be going left than right for us and yet we are still marching ahead  with all our ammo blasting through. It has been tough but we promise a marvelous three-day event. I have never put an event like this together and this is stressful. And here I thought putting a surprise party was stressful! HA-HA!!

On another note, we have amazing celebrities that have been booked and putting the final touches on the seminars, btw are looking great! I just wish something like this was available when I was in high school. It sure would have been easier to narrow down a field of my liking.

We are busy this week pulling looks from local designer boutiques and well known department stores. It sounds like fun, but we were exhausted. The positive thing about this experience is that the three of us (interns) had our own teams, each with their own creative personal style. They question every decision I made and asked I had to answer and defend my choosing. It was a growing experience and once they saw my vision, team work totally paid off!

But anyway, we are stressing, having fun pulling looks, doing model castings. Its all fun but a vacation is long overdue!

teen-expo-web Teen Expo Flyer


See you soon



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