Hello, Again…

Hello, my fellow followers, new and existing.  I know I have been out of touch with my blog but now I am back and looking forward to share with you the many things up my sleeve.

First of, the Teen Expo was a success.  I even helped out with the fashion show production. I have discovered that production is not my forte, yet I helped and the rest of the interns got our kudos. The event was great, even with all the miscommunication with our partnered office. We just rolled with the punches and, well, that’s just the business world. Something that school doesn’t prepare you for. That’s over with and we have bigger plans for next year’s Teen Expo.

I made a promise this year in to get evolved more with my fellow designer friends and network. I’ve been having meetings with a couple of them who are trying to start an accessories line. We sat down talked about a business plan and looks like we are at full speed ahead. I am excited for this opportunity with these two, we three experienced New York together for the first time,  we have about the same artistic aesthetic and we love bags! (More on this topic as we develop our concept) cross your fingers!!

I am still with Imagen Marketing Consultants and have a full-time job, regular job, I have been juggling as well. I have been contemplating of what should be the next chapter in my life, career wise. The main question that I need to answer is: should I stay with IMC, even if I don’t get hired? I have many great ideas for Latino Fashion Week from a social media aspect. I can amplify their social presense and I can do it alone if I have too. Then again another question pop’s in my head: are you willing to do it for free? I’ve had many deep conversations about this topic with close friends and the feelings are divided. Some say it’s time to say goodbye, while others say “patience is a virtue”.  =/

Seriously, I have no clue on what to do. I know that I have taken commission work for the time being. I guess, my curiosity is me wanting to have full reigns on Latino Fashion Week’s social media. If I can’t get it, then my firms social media will be better than theirs.







Pictures from our backstage Teen Expo: Kohl’s Sponsored Fashion Show.


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