Hi you guys. Busy over here.

Just stopping by for quick update on what it is I am doing. We are going on full speed ahead on Latino Fashion Week, which is coming to you live on October 1-5 in  Chicago, at the luxuries mall Block 37 located in the heart of the loop. I am excited for this because we have booked some amazing talent and attracted an incredible host.  Once I can reveal more information, I would.

So, we have been working on a variety tv show, something new for us at IMC. We are trying to venture into new territory, something my boss seems to be very ambitious about. We are all on board and giving it our all. I am please to be part of this ride but it is a tiresome ride. I am sucking it up and giving my 150%. We had a press conference at the magnificent Spanish restaurant Cafe Iberico, located in Chicago’s downtown. The place was great, the hosts were amazing and we wish them all the best. The variety show premiers this Saturday, May 25th 10 pm on MundoFox.


Happy day everyone!




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