Taking one breath at a time.

Hello Again, It’s been about 2 weeks since my last post. Going back to my daily routine of things, makes it a bit difficult to blog. I know, I know, it is all about time management and prioritizing but sometimes there is never enough hours in a day to get everything done. Leaving things for the next day makes it a bit unbearable, I feel like I am waking up and starting my day late.

Coming out of a fantastic week for Latino Fashion Week, I noticed that I have missed FASHION, in general. I forgot how it feels to look at a garment and see the details, the way it was cut, the way the fabric feels. All the things I love doing when I was in school. I have let my day job keep me from doing what I love. Yes, I know I am not a designer, but a merchandiser that loves fashion. I always thought that “my dream job” would be something that combines both PR/Marketing with Fashion. Finding something were I can do both is hard. I have been to many sites, have taken the leads and have a few phone interviews but nothing comes through.

I have been optimistic about finding that “my dream career job” when I, myself didn’t even feel it. Other times I applied for jobs that I did not like just so I can say I have “found something”. Satisfied or not, I just needed to find something in my field. I have been out of school since January of this year and not finding something that sparked my interest has depressed me. I found myself hating my day job and saw no way out. I even went out of my way to help a couple of friends on their businesses. Hoping that will spark something in me and regain confidence in myself but that was not the case. Then graduation came and I still felt the same.

Then a few days before Latino Fashion Week, I received a call from a close friend that wanted to talk to me about a possible job opportunity. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant and not believed him. Then I receieved an email from my school to showcase my portfolio prior to the EVOLVE fashion show. I am not religous, but I took these coincidences as a sign to do something with my current self. I went through the process for the porfolio showcase open minded and proud of my work.

As for the friend, this job opportunity seems exciting. It is something that I want to be apart of, something that I am passionate about. He is an accessory designer, bags mostly, he found an investor that is interested in his work. As a fashion student, well as a student in general, you are looking for that person, company, investor, career were they believe in you and are willing to give you that opportunity. I always knew that my friend would be successful sooner or later. He is not a hustler but he belives in his craft and I do as well. This opportunity for us to merge our talents together to conceive a start-up company sounds terrifying but exciting at the same time. Every thing seems legit and counsel has been taking in consideration. All we need is the green light from their parent company but from the look of things it’s a GO!!

All I needed was a spark. That spark has woken me up. It has made me ambitious and focus gain. I want this!! This opportunity made me realize I will not retire at my day job, but has made me realize that patience is a virtue. That sometimes even when every door seems to be sealed shut and the room might be getting smaller, that that is only temporairly. I don’t know who said it but i believe that we must go through darkness before we can reach for the light.



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