& it begins..

We are entering another season of fashion shows and I am excited to see the pictures and catch some live streams of Men’s SS 2015. London : Collections Men kicked off on June 15 with some great brands showing some great stuff. Here are my favorite collections for the day.

Lou Dalton has been on my radar for a few years now. Her FW 2014 collection was well received, which was based on her farm life, buyers, fans and editors are excited to see what she came up with for spring. For a season where many designers are inspired by the military look, Dalton’s approach was military but not in a literal way. It was relaxed and references can be noticed without it being in your face. Dalton is a designer that many people should be in their radar, she is definitely refreshing the men’s wardrobe.

Lou Dalton SS 2014
Lou Dalton SS 2015

Matthew Miller’s spring collection was an ode to the Demob suits from Britain. I really liked the patchwork pinstripe that were sewn onto the pants, shorts and on the jackets. My favorite piece, a pinstripe bomber jack. Why yes, please, I’ll take one! It was an innovated collection. It makes me wonder what else can be done with fabric scraps.

Matthew Miller SS 2015


Jonathan Saunders is always a favorite of mine. I love his use of color and with each season it makes me want try all the colors he shows. The collection was relaxed and very sportswear. I really like the granite looking suits, such an alternative to stripes and such. The jackets just big enough to give you room to move. The pants are slim and the tops slightly slouchy to the man wearing it. I would like everything in this collection please!!

Jonathan Saunders SS 2015


Here I’ll post runway pictures that I liked.

Richard Nicoll SS 2015
Lee Roach SS 2015
Topman Design SS 2015
Man by Nicomede Televera
Agi & Sam SS 2015
Christopher Shannon SS 2015

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