it’s all in the bag.

Good day everyone. I am back from a small vacation/holiday to the western part of the US. New Mexico was fantastic, calming, nature-ristically amazing. The views, the terrains, the city and the architecture… I loved it. It has been awhile since I have traveled anywhere beyond Illinois. The packing, the check-ins, the waiting to board, not quite so fun.

While waiting, I looked around and observed all the fashions and styles around me. Hey, it’s hard to turn off my fashion eyes of critique but alas, it happened. I saw myself liking many bags (carry-ons, messenger bags, briefcases) I saw a lot of black bags, it makes sense; it goes with everything. As for me, my red coach bag stood out. While waiting I started researching for a new bag. I have been wanting to upgrade my bag but the options are endless. They are many styles, colors and sizes. I am leaning towards a tote bag but I am yet to find a tote that looks masculine and within my budget.

The tote that I am looking for needs to be something between a medium and a large size. It needs to take me from day to night without making me look dowdy. I am looking for the textile to be either leather or treated canvas, Chicago Fall/Winters are tough. The tote bag needs to come with a strap for those winter days when carrying it by hand is brutal, well for me.

Although, I would love to known the following bags; I simply can not afford them, not yet at least. They serve simply as a guideline to what I am looking for.

Louis Vuitton-FW14
Louis Vuitton-SS15

We cannot talk about bags without mentioning Louis Vuitton. I am not a big fan of Louis Vuitton but Kim Jones, Menswear creative director, is an amazing talent. I like his interpretations of such an iconic bag. With each season he alters it a bit and making it new and fresh. It is unique and definitely something for me.

Burberry Prorsum FW14
Burberry Prorsum FW14

Burberry is another brand that gives its’ male shoppers bag options. For Fall/Winter 2014, the bags are an over-sized bowler bag. I like it but I think it is somewhat big for my taste. I do like the different designs for each bag, the leather. Although, I the uniqueness of the bag it is not for me.

Fendi FW14
Fendi FW14

This happens to be the IT bag of the season. Fendi’s Peekaboo bag comes right under $6,000. It is an amazing bag. Surely, it may look like one of the Super Mario Bros. bombs but I like this bag. The peekaboo popped up for both gender accessory collections. This bag has attitude, has Bad-Ass written all over it. It would be perfect for me.

Want- FW14
Want- FW14

I want a bag from Want les Essentials de la Vie. Based out of Montreal this young brand knows about style. Coming on the scene about 8 years ago designing for men at first, they just revealed a line for women, their aesthetic is minimalism but cool. It’s sleek without any fuss from any accents that are seen on most bags. This Ohare tote is in canvas, is my favorite from the Fall/Winter collection. I like this bag, it is the right size, color, style and reasonable in price.

Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent

Personally, I do not like backpacks. I only use one when I am going to carry heavy stuff or going away for a day or two. Yet, this Saint Laurent backpack is pretty cool. Not my cup of tea but I will look at backpack inspect it, try it on and put it back.




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