The Crop Top trend..

Greetings, to all. It’s been a fantastic summer season, I really enjoyed it. Traveled, explored this wonderful city and bonded with family. Seriously, what more could I have asked for.

During one of our last family cookouts of the season. One of my uncles was asking me, the fashion blogger, “why is the crop top coming back? Thank you Autumn for getting here.” I answered to the best of my abilities and showed him pictures and how the trend came about. I didn’t stopped there and even talked to my guy friends about this trend. To my surprise the crop top trend was split right in the middle. While many were ready to show off that beach body they have worked so hard on, other’s were confused by it. Just stating they were confused by it and simply “no man should wear such a top”.

Let’s start with saying The 80s was the king of crop tops. In mesh and sports team jerseys. I remember a specific 80s heartthrob on 21 Jump Street sporting one. Is it me or has Johnny Depp not aged?

Then during Men’s SS14 fashion shows. Astrid Andersen and J.W. Anderson showed some interesting crop tops. Although, Astrid’s crop top may be considered more of a nipple/shoulder top, I think it will take a confident man to wear such a top. If we can even call it a top. Then you had someone like Italo from Calvin Klein, how’s crop top was a bit more modest, more wearable and more approachable to the male shopper.





As you know in order for it to be a trend we must see it hit the streets. The most famous spotted was Kid Cudi at Coachella in a red crop top. Sparking the label as trendsetter.


The trend is taking off and may be coming back next year. They only thing it was to survive the other trends that are coming in strong, like landscape print tops, leather shorts and print trousers. Those I would wear over any crop top. Anyone with me?



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