“You spin me right round..”

Hello again. Been busy over here with life and the grownup stuff. Been so busy that I have not finished reviewing Paris Fashion Week SS15. I need to make time, it’s been over for weeks.

Sunglasses is an accessory that everyone should own. It does not matter if it costs you $10 or $700, depending on the brand you get. This accessory is a must, it’s a staple, it’s iconic whether you’re into fashion or not. Having bought some Gucci one’s for this past summer, I am loving the round sunglasses frames.

As the famous saying goes, “one’s an incident,  two’s a coincidence and three is a pattern.” That is a rule trend forecasters use when identify a trend. The round sunglasses has been spotted on Kenzo’s SS13 men’s runway and on both spring and fall 2014 shows.

Kenzo SS13
Zero & Cornejo SS14
Giambattista Valli FW14 Couture

For SS15 the trend is on full swing. Showing up throughout Men’s Fashion Shows at a global scale. Orley sported some funky lens with sunglasses but still kept the round frames looking clean and modern. The trend has already made it onto the TV screen. Fox’s Gotham, a show about DC comics famous Batman city, villain Oswald Cobblepot is sporting a unique shaped round frame sunglasses. Believe me when I say many men will be walking around next summer with round sunglasses.

Haspel SS15 NYFW
E. Tautz SS15 London FW
Georgia Vendrell SS15 Barcelona FW
Orley SS15
Gotham, Set Pictures.



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