“to clean or not to clean”

Hello, everyone. It’s been awhile since my last post. I can honestly say that I have been blessed with the remaining of the 2014 year. I’ve met interesting people that hopefully some good things come off of it. This 2015 calendar is packed with new adventures, I cannot wait to share them with you.

So, I started off the year thinking of what to blog about. Nothing inspired me and just like that great quote from one my favorite author’s Gabriel Garcia Márquez: “inspiration gives no warning” it happened.

I was doing laundry one day, this post is not about my dirty laundry, and I was appalled by how many people were washing their jeans. Denim jeans, that is. Although, I may not know them or what they do for a living. I find hard to believe that all those jeans were dirty to begin with.

So, I went to posting this atrocities on social media, which I think was a valid thing to share, but it kind of back fired. The amount of people who wash their jeans on a regular basis is mind boggling to me. I mean why? Why would you do such a thing? If there is something I learned during a textile course, which was by far my hardest course taken in college, is that denim is meant to withstand roughness and toughness. Washing them on a weekly basis is not good for them.

Before this course, I am still that type of guy that will only wash what I need. Since doing my own laundry at the age of 14, thank you mom, the less I had to carry the better. I always seemed to leave behind my jeans. They never seemed dirty to me. Until one time they got a bit smelly and I took all 8 pair of jeans to wash.

I know there’s people out there that have phobias and must wash clothes after it is worn once. I only do that for underwear and some shirts, hey it gets pretty humid in Chicago during the summer. So what kind of advice do I give you about taking care of your denim. Afterall, it should be treated as much respect as a designer suit or a evening dress. Maybe that’s a little far fetch but designer denim is expensive nowadays  just as a pair of Levi’s is. Washing your jeans after one use or washing them weekly will wear down the finish on denim. The finish that makes them withstand all the roughness young give them. It will make them weak and tear easily.

I pulled out my notes from Textiles and contacted my instructor and she stands with what she taught us.
“1. Jeans are sturdy and can withstand mostly anything. Jeans can go for weeks without being washed.
2. Only wash them when you can not clean something off by hand.
3. If they get smelly put one dryer sheet in each front pocket, all the way at the end, fold them and put them in the drawer. The sheet will absorb the smell.” I’ve tried this and it works.

As for skinny jeans. She dislikes these “skinny jean, they’re not even skinny.” “Proper way to get a pair of skinny jeans. Get a pair you like that fits perfect, sits on your hips. Put them on sit in a tub of warm to hot water until really soaked and let them dry on you. That’s how you get a skinny jean.” It is effective. The jean will mold to your hips and legs.

One of my friends suggests the following:  “(to avoid smelly jeans) I just stick them in a plastic bag and freeze them once a month. If any liquid spills on them, I’ll spot clean but if it gets soaked. I’ll do a tub hot soak w/ Woolite Dark, weights on the jeans, and hand-agitate the water so the indigo doesn’t bleed too much. I plan on doing a Japanese soak (sit in a tub of hot water w/ them on for 30 min to an hour so it shrinks to your waist and legs) on a pair next year.” Trust this man! He knows his fashion. I trust what he says!
So, share your thoughts with me on how you take care/treat your jeans. Spread the word. Correct the wrong! Add to the list or try some new tips.

Remember Tomorrow starts Men’s Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion shows! I’m excited!



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