Pretty in Pink!

What an amazing second day of London Collections: Man fashion shows. I like, more like love that the designers/brands that show at London are not afraid to push the boundaries of what men should be wearing. It’s all an eclectic mix. From classic to punk, all done as an homage to the British man.

Lou Daulton has been in my radar ever since I heard of her a year or two back. Each season she surprises me. Her farming background always seems to be somewhere in her collection. Always minimalist. She is already a force to be reckon with. Check out these jumpsuits.


Joshua Kane Bespoke,  ugh.. what can I say about this collection. It was classic British,  for that dapper man. Classic, yet modern. From the cuts, to prints and even how it was styled. I literally want every piece of this collection.


Hardy Amies was another great collection dedicated to the suit and tie man of our time. Mahmet Ali, the brands creative director was inspired by the British and Scottish mountains, you can tell by collections color scheme. That deep green color suit was amazing. I’m still in awe.


Matthew Miller is such a conceptual designer. His use of textile knowledge and the way he dominates them took notice this season. Using furniture textiles and making them wearable is amazing. I remember Nicholas Ghesquiere doing something similar from Balenciaga a few years back. From what I know about textiles, especially interior design ones,  they are hard to work with. Yet Matthew makes it look easy. Check out the collection!!


Sibiling, oh my dear Sibiling. I can honestly say that Sibiling is a hit or miss with me from season to season. I remember for SS2015 some of it was too outside the box. Now for FW2015, they seemed to have restrained but yet gave you that Sibiling avant garde show they are known for. Pink! It was predominately pink. Yet, it seemed to work on so many levels and can be worn as separates. The mixture of the colors black, white and pink looked cool and fresh. From jackets, cardigans, tunics and fur it all seemed to work. Even, I believe was denim, made to look like paper bag-esque fabric. It had a sense of idea, creativity wearability.



Let’s see what tomorrow brings us!!



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