Give them prints

What an exciting second day of Fall/Winter 2015 men’s fashion shows. Some of Britain’s heavy hitters came out last night and showed some amazing pieces. We got a bit everything and so much at the same time. Took me a while to go through the collections.

Alexander McQueen, oh my gosh,  what an amazing collection. Sarah Burton delivered war time, military collection. Although,  military inspiration can go hard core,  Sarah’s was a meloncholic. Worked on many levels. Even those poppy seed floral print jacquard suits.


Pringle of Scotland is a brand I’ve liked since those Claire Waight Keller days. It’s not a doubt that Pringle is a very British brand. With so much history, what can Massimo Nicosia do to make this knitwear brand relevant? Mix the old with the new seems to be the answer. It’s crucial for this brand of 200 years. Knitwear can be boring but Nicosia makes it look refined and new.


James Long is probably one of my top favorite menswear designer. Always willing to push menswear fashion forward and it must be. This season’s show was one of his best yet. It was luxurious without being fussy but subtle without being boring. The balance was great, the tone even better. Check this collection out, guys!!


Moschino is a brand that I associate with Sibiling, for some apparent reason. I think because it is always quirky and always going for the shock value. Although, I do not dismiss Jeremy Scott’s design talent, yet most of the time it seems a bit costumey and at times a bit to literal. So, I checked out Moschino’s men’s show and was surprised of how much of it is wearable, have to wait and see how it actually looks once it arrives at stores. From coats, to the oversized boots and prints looked a bit caveman like and it fits with the Chicago blizzards we experience every winter season. Aside from all the plaid, the embellished piece and the fur, I like this one thermal looking jumpsuit. It felt warm, it was styled nicely and I want it.



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