A colorful winter.

What a great day for fashion this day was. Staying true to winter, many designer chose to stay in the neutral color pallet for their collections, while other’s want to a brighter winter. I’m a bit apprehensive about wearing color. The “brightest” I go is brown and usually it’s dark one. While going through today’s shows, I can say I’m up for some bright orange or even a yellow hue for the next winter season. Well, maybe not so bright. All in moderation, right?

Katie Eary is new to me. She’s a bit out there, design wise, this collection was about brains, rib cages and teeth. This collection was a bit too surreal, having ski caps in the shape of brains, button ups with a rib cage graphic on them. Yet, the knits, scarves and coats seem to be more wearable and less gimmicky. A designer this ballsy, deserves some attention.


What can be said about British fashion without mentioning their biggest brand, Burberry Prorsum. Christopher Bailey seemed to go hippie for this season but in a polished way. Prints, corduroy and embellishments made this collection desirable than ever. Accessories from fringed scarves all the way to the bags are on trend. Even the camouflage looked sharp. I know I want that corduroy trench.


Baartmans and Seigel, also new to me, was a great sportswear collection for fall. Bomber jackets, fur trench coats and fitted joggers made an appearance. References of the 70s, seems to be the trend, but done very modern, relevant to the times of now. A very small collection but a very good one indeed.


Xander Zhou is that type of designer that catches me by surprise. He can go beyond the line and sometimes stopping right before it. This Beijing designer introduced us to a futuristic Wild West.  The denim was great, there was even a scarf like denim draped over a look. Fringed leather coats looked like snakeskin. Shearling lined coats, another trend this season, to mimic cow spots. This was a great collection. Another designer added to my list.




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