Hello. I’ve had a busy last 2 days that catching up on fashion is impossible at times. I am a day behind. As much as I love fashion. I am only going to blog about the shows that have impressed me. And let me tell you, I’ve been impressed. (For more fashion follow my Instagram: morethanabowtie it is also on my about me section)

Versace. Oh, Versace. Their Fall/Winter 15/16 collection was an impressive one. I was shocked by how minimal it was, well most of the collection. Seemed like a breath of fresh air for Versace and their fans. It was sorta back to basics, making this collection about the cut and proportion. A neutral color pallet, I missed the colors tho! A body conscious collection, it was lean and athletic. Long cabled cardigans, ribbed knit bloussons that were longer even tunic like, over cashmere leggings. Impressive.


Iceberg used to be that collection that I just skimmed through pinning looks here and there. Nothing that made me paid attention to them. In my research Iceberg turs out to be an expertise brand on knitwear. I was intrigued by the first look of the presentation. A collection that seemed influenced my Japanese kimonos and a few hints of color. These knitted tops are to die for. A collection that seemed so comfortable, at ease is worth looking into.


Costume National Homme was the same as every other of their shows.
While many of the critiques felt indifferently about it, I think they were some great pieces. There’s always a Rock N Roll and tailored look here, yet this time it looked refined, polished. A lot brown trench glided down the runway. A bottle green feather coat that gave me a 70s bohemian feel. It was glam. We need glam when it’s super cold out side and we want summer hot nights.


Philipp Plien has been on my radar for a few seasons now. This fall collection was impressive on so many levels. This collection was sportswear from start to finish. More like sportswear to streetwear at times. The influences are totally there. Showing a black and white collection with hints of green and purple. The most standout pieces were those crocodile football shirts and python jersey sport shirts. This collection was impressive and I’m sure this German native has more tricks up his sleeve. But isn’t this what we want from new designers? Here is a quote from Plien about fashion: “The fashion industry is saturated. There is no space for something new. Where are the new brands? The new Dolce & Gabbanas, the new Guccis? It is protected—a protected world. And in order to survive I cannot reinvent the shoe, the pant, or the shirt; everything exists already. So you have to find a niche, and this is what we did from the beginning. And now we are growing out of that niche.” Indeed he is.




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