Nonchalant, yet elegant..

What a long day it’s been, trying to catch up on two days of fashion shows can be exhausting. I love anything fashion, so I did my best and have finally on track. It’s been a great day for menswear today. Some of my favorite brands featured today. I am happy they did. (Remember to follow my Instagram for more pics and coverage. Link on my about me section. )

Bottega Venetta how much more in love can I be with you!?!?! Tomas Maier’s SS15 collection was on my favorites. The relaxed athleticism, the casual fitted sweat pants were to die for. Yet again that trend carried over for fall. A laid back approach to luxury is the aesthetic at BV, Maier’s elastic waist trousers were talked about. Among the rich fabrics the color pallet of rust, pink,  gray and purple gave it a haute couture slacker chicness to it. After reviewing this collection it was a relaxed collection, a nonchalant feel to it.


Missoni is another favorite of mine. I love knits for winter. Especially on those days when Chicago winters can fall down to polar temperatures. Knits hugs your body keeping you warm, Missoni knits is great for that. For fall Angela gave us an ease nonchalant elegance as well. Not relying too much on styling but focusing on the fabric. The fabrics were soft making the long coats look bathrobe like and lightweight jackets like sweaters. A colorful pallet, very Missoni, but it didn’t distract you from her point of view. A very cosmopolitan collection.


If you have followed me from the beginning or recently. You may have noticed that I like men’s fashion that pushes the envelope. Fashion that makes you think, that has a story, fashion designers that push fashion forward. Moncler Gamme Bleu is one of those brands. Thom Browne is one those designers. I like how exaggerated and avant garde his designs are. You have to dissect it and appreciate it. His inspiration for fall was a Moncler jacket in the 50s. He reinterpreted that jacket with Moncler colors beige, black gray and navy with hints of red. Classic patterns of stripes, checks, zigzags and harlequin diamonds made it on to the collection. It was an equestrian collection, jockey uniform. It was balanced, it had idea and wearability to it.


Fendi has been pushing themselves lately. Their peekaboo bags for both men and women have sold nicely. For SS15, Fendi gave us fabric that looked like denim. For fall they made shearling look like corduroy and it looks fantastic. They also gave us an abundance of fur scarves, wool coats, boxier blazers and patchwork wool that looked like plaid. The peekaboo like face made it on to a jacket, just like in the women’s pre-fall collection. It was uber luxurious, heavily styled. It was a Fendi collection.


Gucci was rocked when Frida Giannini left days before the men’s show and a month before her scheduled departure. The team came together and scrapped everything and came up with a new collection, new styling, a new Gucci. This collection made me think of J.W. Anderson’s recent collection and so did many other fashion bloggers and critics. It was a bit androgynous,  a bit to fragile for the Gucci man. I personally can not wrap my head around it, do I like it or do I hate it? “Trends never start here” said one fashion critic and that is true. Was it this collection fashion or a disaster? I think it had a good ideas, the blouses were nice but it missed a hardness to it. The suits were great in color and cut but it missed a more masculine approach. Then the tunics in lace were a bit too soft, as well as the three quarter length sleeves and ruffled hems. I don’t know maybe I’ll sleep on it and think differently about it tomorrow. Or maybe this is fashion, this is the new Gucci man.






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