random yet still fashionable

Hello, my fellow readers, bloggers and followers. It’s been about a few weeks since my last post. I miss this. The Blogging. The communication. The feeling of just typing. Fashion is something that I have been out of touch for a bit. I have put all my hobbies, likes and what makes me ME in the back burner. And for what? For a job that takes up too much of my time and I have nothing to show for. I guess that is life, right? No, it shouldn’t. The saying is true of  “We are our worst enemies.” I’ve been guilty of that. Mostly because of self-doubt and trying to “make it on my own” when I had no clue where to start.

But I have promised my self in the beginning of the year that this year was all about me. I promised to take an actual vacation, London is in the works for September. I promised to blog some more, this I will try the hardest to do. And finally, I promised myself to take any and all career opportunities that come my way.

So, with that said, I think I have finally found what I have been looking for, career wise that is. I am overlooking 4 on going fashion projects and meeting designers and giving them feed back. I think I am way over my head for this position but I know I can do it. I will keep you posted on this exciting career path I am embarking on.

Now for some Men’s Fashion. I have a friend who went to Tokyo and was astonished by their fashion sense. She experienced it while I only saw pictures and blog posts of such amazing fashion. I have admired Tokyo fashion for a while now. Their minimalism is astonishing and the way they layer always looks new and fresh. I happen to be following Ato Matsumoto a very contemporary yet street wear brand. I like the black from jersey to leather pants. I was styled magnificently that I makes me want to be lose some weight. Trust me I am trying!!

Another brand is Patchy Cake Eater. They have a way of taking that women’s tailor feel but giving it a masculine touch. They showed patch work outer wear that looks so stylish without being home-made. Their urban wear was on point. giving the Tokyo man options.

this is it for now. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram & twitter: @morethanabowtie




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