A New Chapter

Hello Everyone. It is a fantastic Spring Day in Chicago. Finally, the rain has stopped and the sun is shining and the flowers and trees are starting to blossom. It feels like a new day, like that first fresh of breath air. It is appropriate metaphor for what is next in my life. My days as a retail worker are coming to an end. After more that 15 years of face to face customer service I’m hanging that up for an office job. I mean, I’m going to be interacting with people but it will be more friendlier and less hectic. Customer service either retail, restaurant or grocery is a tough business. You need a thick skin to take on the daily struggles of people.

I am moving forward and focusing more on what college was about. Working in an office that will let me be my own boss yet be creative daily and have some fun doing the things I love. I got a feel of this luxury back a few weeks when working the Black Women’s Expo in March. I was producing two fashion shows for two established designers in Chicago. Both catering that powerful, confident woman but with two different woman in mind. One was Plus Size the other your average slender woman. Designs both modern, elegant and chic.

Jessica Blair, Blair Fashions, has a store in Wicker Park. Selling Plus size fashion to women who are sometimes shun from the fashion industry. Her collection was a little punk, a little glam but sophisticated. Showing that size doesn’t matter, it is all about confidence.

Jessica and her assistant. Black Women's Expo 2015
Jessica and her assistant. Black Women’s Expo 2015
Jessica’s Rack of garments. Black Women’s Expo 2015
Backstage. Minutes before Jessica Blair’s Fashion Runway Show. Black Women’s Expo 2015.

Borris Powell, has made a name for himself in Chicago and rightfully so. Designing everything from apparel, accessories and now make up. He is building on that empire of his. This Fall 2015 collection was elegant, chic and for that sophisticated woman. Fur trims, elegant cocoon-esque silhouettes and amazing floor length gowns. It was a collection to die for.

Backstage. First Model Looks before the Borris J. Powell Fashion Show. Black Women's Expo 2015
Backstage. First Model Looks before the Borris J. Powell Fashion Show. Black Women’s Expo 2015

Evening Dress by Borris J. Powell. Black Women’s Expo 2015
Borris J. Powell making sure the zipper on the skirt is up. Black Women’s Expo 2015
Lovely Coat and Pants by Borris J/ Powell. Black Women’s Expo 2015

As I am ready to hang my apron and say good-bye to retail work at the same time I am sadden. I have made amazing work friends, connected with people on a personal level and love the interaction of it all. It has also taught me to speak my mind, to take a step back and analyze the situation and to not take things personal. Most importantly that “Tomorrow Is Another Day” and indeed it is.

I am ready to contribute time, sweat and tears for this new career path I am taking. I am excited to see the outcome of it. I am ready to be challenged. Ready to share all the events, the fashion and the hard work it takes to bring such events to life. I am excited to experience life outside a time clock. I AM READY FOR THIS!!



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