New Blog Theme

It is a beautiful sunny yet frigid morning in Chicago. The older I get the more I cannot stand these below than normal winter temperatures. I even attempted to sit in my patio to type this. I was layered up, gloves, scarf and beanie on but I couldn’t bear the cold.

This post is to shed light on sketches that brought new life to the new blog layout. I will attempt to refresh the theme every 6 months or yearly or perhaps update it with graphics or art. I like to think that I have been true to my aesthetic when choosing a theme, keeping in mind MORETHANABOWTIE’s purpose, it’s audience and staying cool and edgier without being fussy about it.

These two images are amazing. I fell in love with Moises Quesada‘s fashion designs (left)  but even more with his illustrations. Moises is very talented. Seriously check his stuff out!! He has a ton of social media with a bunch of content. A talented designer from the Dominican Republic, his SS16 collection was gorgeous.

The one on the right, is a fashion sketch done by one of my good friend’s Juanita Padilla. Juanita and I went to the same art school, she is an amazing designer, a true talented artist. Juanita has done many illustrations for all types of clients. This specific sketch was done for me, I had the honor to get a custom made tunic from Juanita’s Volair clothing line. It was hard to choose just one as all for 4 are totally me, style wise. This is my friend love her, love her work, love her style. I promise that you guys will see more of Juanita’s work out there.

I also want to keep it going with all things fashion. My blog is to shed light on menswear, their is a demand for it but also because I like to look at other brands that are not competing globally like other well known brands. I venture, now and then, into some womenswear, I love a stunning evening gown. Point is, I hope that I don’t bore you with silly content. I promise to keep it fresh and interesting.

Fashion Promise!!



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