New Year

I’ve had a very interesting year. Switching careers, which will be a year next month, was a thing I had to get used to. Working in retail you are always on a go, get to do new things every now and then but time flew. Going from that to an office setting, 9 to 5hours, mandatory 8am meetings and those “long work event hours” was something I really struggled with.

I did however like planning the events, getting to know our clients and interviewing prospect interns. Working the popular Chicago summer festivals, music festivals and be part of the two biggest fashion events was all worth my stress!!

I am proud of my first ever fashion production, Chicago Fashion Week, back in June. (look through my archives, great fashions. Totally proud of it)  I was ecstatic to say that I produced one day out of the five of fashions for Latino Fashion Week. I took the one that was the most highly pressured with 2 titans in the fashion industry. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was all colorful and joyful, while Jannette Klien’s influence on androgynous dressing was taken to a high end level.

I am ready to go with the flow on what 2016 has prepared for me. I have learned in this, (almost) past year, to trust in my skills and industry experience. That I see fashion differently from the person working next to me. That I have a unique voice when it comes to fashion but above everything else, only because I am in a comic t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie does not mean I do not know what I am talking about. If anything, I have a lot to say.




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