Geeks & Boxers..

What an amazing second day of fashions at London Men: Collections. Many of the designers I follow showcased today. I was ecstatic to see the great things they have been working on for the AW16 season. I was a bit busy today but I was anxious to see some menswear.

Lou Dalton, has been a favorite of mine for the past 3 seasons. Lou really has honed her talent on what her ideal man should dress. An ode collection to that fisherman and farm boy who are about that life from Shetland. I personally love her technique and the way textiles are used. While others do not like her work, I applaud her for keeping true to herself and pushing her craft to the next level.

CMMN SWDN kicked up a bit and went Geek/Nerd but with a 70s touch. High-waisted pants, plaids and chunky knits were still there. The outerwear pieces were great too, a collection to look at.

Sibling was a knockout, literally. A collection inspired by boxing was fresh and new to last AW15 collection that preppy and fully pink. This collection was great. The more talked about pieces were those hand-knitted coats, tops, boxing winter gloves and helmets. A long knitted boxing robe like was to die for. Sibling is always a bit extreme but every so often you look at their show and can’t help to be impressed with all the hard work that goes into their designs.

Coach delivered another fantastic collection. Stuart Vevers was inspired but Bruce Springsteen during the singers prime. The collection showed some fantastic outerwear, which were impeccably done. To single one out is to leave abandon the others. Too many to choose, I would buy all.


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