LCM day 2 and 3

January 11th brought the closing festivities of three days of London fashions for men. I see that the London trend was elongated and oversized coats, military and wide leg pants tailored perfectly.

I liked Christopher Reaburn military inspired collection yet still masculine without overly done. Coats were amazing, slims jeans gave the models shape. I want that long chunky cardigan.

James Long delivered a fantastic colorful collection with some great pieces. Jeans were painted on to look graphic like and cropped to give the slim feel. Amazing bomber jackets and coats lined in shearling.

Pringle of Scotland, loved how they reinterpreted their house staples. Knits were great here and their argyle sweater gave you a three-d feel to it.

Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen man was about updating those classic pieces in our wardrobe. I liked how this collection absolutely tailored and clean. Surely, Sarah’s vampires or gothic models and a tailored collection elevated this collection.

Moschino was fun to look at. I like the retro late 80’s early 90’s feel to it, and this was a colorful collection. Garments and shoes had a sprayed or painted feel to them with white whiskers like type details to make out creases on pants and jackets. I wan to see some one wearing that.

Christopher Kane, what can I say about this collection. I loved it. I loved it. I’ve been a fan of Kane since discovering his work. I like how tailored his collections and meticulous they are. If he is working on a full on graphic or colorful collection they’re done exactly to fit the body but giving you enough room to move. This season Kane went oversized and wide but still giving you that street style silhouette. I loved the wide dress up pants and jeans, I like the elongated and wide hoodie paired with a slim pant. It was magnificent.

Remember that on the Instagram has more pictures of runway collections of LCM.



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