When I Went to Puerto Rico

Hello Everyone… Like every post, I make promises to keep blogging, to be honest, it is a sincere and I mean it as I type it. Life gets in the way and I prefer to relax upon getting home from work. Yet, I will try and post something weekly either morning while drinking my coffee or at night when I another cup of coffee.

This post is dedicated to my business trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was back in March and the many reasons I have been so busy and away from morethanabowtie. I have never been anywhere outside on the US land, so I excited for this trip. The purpose of this trip was to oversee the launch of my boss’ and his business partner cosmetic line, as well as launching other marketing tools in Puerto Rico.

I was excited to just be somewhere sunny and above 45 degree Chicago weather in early spring. I was excited to see what took us six months to conceive come to life. Hernan Rivera, is owner of Sin Cosmetics and Hernan Rivera Beauty as well as owner of many pageant contest in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Once a Chanel Cosmetic Regional manager, this man knows his makeup. I also found out we’re both alumni from IADT. So, I was excited to be part of this launch and oversee the project. Puerto Rico was also our platform to launch iBlossom and Keepsake, two apps that are changing the way we market our brands, engage with our audience and how we share our personal moments.

Our launch was to coincide with Ivelisse Nieves jewelry runway show Olé…Morena. I met Ivelisse 2 years ago at Latino Fashion Week 2014. She presented amazing jewelry pieces as models graced tasteful swimwear. For Spring/Summer 2016 Ivelisse looked at Plaza de Toros in Sevilla, Spain for inspiration. Spain is evidently a major influence in Puerto Rico’s Viejo San Juan neighborhood. It is a major tourist spot, I loved it and the Spanish architecture all around. The jewelry, as always, was impeccable adorned with lace and ruffles. This time around the garments were designed by her close friend Juan Colón, a brilliant designer. His designs were spot on Spanish, at times being too literature yet it is a show after all.

Here are some picture. Feel Free to comment and like this post. Also, remember to follow the blog’s Instagram account @morethanabowtie.

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