Memorial Day Weekend.

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

These wonderful words written by a man that is a celebrated author but also who was a troubled man. As I read these words in a newspaper article, I could not help but think about present time and its many social and political issues flooding all media mediums. Although, this is not a political post I just figured I start off with a quote to that will pay homage to  Memorial Day, since I am writing this post on this day.

Chicago finally had a fantastic weekend. It was sunny, cloudy, yet humid and about in the upper 80 degree weather. This Memorial Day weekend kicked off many outdoor activities to do in the city. From a Memorial day Parade in the Loop, to bring the LSD (Lake Shore Drive), festivals and even a House Party in the magnificent Jay Pritzker Pavillion.

I went to Mole de Mayo, in the heart of the Mexican neighborhood Pilsen. This neighborhood has been in the news lately because of the White Undertaking, okay well not exactly an undertaking, but the predominantly hispanic residents are moving out of that area and the whites are moving in. Raising property taxes and rent, old historic buildings are being knocked down to bring state of the art condominiums. As I said, not a political post but if you’re ever in Chicago. I encourage you check out the Pilsen area. It is full of amazing culture, art and amazing shops and food.

Mole de Mayo is an annual festival that the proceeds go to their neighborhood coalition. It is a gathering that were you can taste all different types of mole from all participating restaurants and try mole in new ways. Mole is a dark red or brown sauce served over meats. Mole made mostly of chili spices, nuts and chocolate, its origin is a bit unknown although the populars are Poblano and Oaxaqueño. I tried a Mole Gelato, from this one place, totally forgot to get their name, but it was good and a bit spicy but it worked on many levels. Also, had this mole and chocolate tamal. If you know of tamales, it is the corn battered to a masa and the mole and chocolate, no meat or veggies, just the masa tamal. I would eat this as a dessert, possibly with ice cream. It had a really great texture and a cinnamon finish that lingered. Other dishes were tamales Oaxaqueños, in stead of corn husk they used the banana leaves to cover the tamal, add meat and the mole sauce. It was heavenly. Quesadillas were good, with a mole poblano that pulled the dish together.

Overall this festival was great than previous years. More restaurants participated. More variety in the food. Great music on two stages and the lucha libre was off the chain. Definitely something I will check out again next year!





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