Be Groomed

Hello All!! What a fantastic, summer weekend in Chicago. This weekend was host to many things to do in this city. As a Mexican I was excited and waited anxiously for Ruido Fest sophomore year to kick off this weekend. The three day event, held at Adams/Medill Park housed some amazing new and old entertainment. Through work perks I got to see Carla Morrison, Natalia Lafourcade, Enanito Verdes and iconic groups like Arteciopelados and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, who are currently on tour. Of course there were many great acts like Los Cafres, Cuca and Panteon Rococo. Too many to mention but alas it was a magnificent music event. Kudos to the creators/producers of Ruido Fest to have amazing acts in their second year. These are the same people that helm Riot Fest. Now, that is an amazing three day event.

On top of this already busy weekend. Our firm got prepared to produce a fashion show for B-Groomed who produced the first U.S Men’s Lifestyle event. So many great products for men, and boy do we need them, at least I do. It was a weekend filled of education, product sampling and freebies!! We all Love FREEBIES! I know I grabbed a bunch and all that was given to me.

Our show consisted of 2 brands that I have already talked about previously, though I love their apparel, so it is why we go back and each time we love the new seasons collection. Sarar is that one brand that, as a man, you cannot go wrong wether if you’re looking for a suit, a coat or everyday wear. It is always on trend, on style and on point. Iridium, gave us that streetwear element that is out there but still wearable. Amazing stuff!! Monika from Monique’s Boutique, a blog is coming soon about her boutique, lend us some cool menswear from Lithuania. Basic jeans, but all seems not same, quirky and sexualized graphic tees were a hit with the audience. It’s fashion and it is fun.

Amazing time. Amazing Fashion


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