It’s been quite busy at Imagen since my last post. I wrote a reminder on my calendar fro this post. I need to make sure that I got this post in, no matter the time. Many have probably shares their love, sentiments over this designer on their own social media but I wanted to pay homage to him my way.

Oscar de la Renta would’ve been 84 today. It’s almost two years since his passing and yet we still celebrate this brilliant man. Being trained by Cristobal Balenciaga himself, my favorite couturier of all time, I mean how awesome would that experience have been for de la Renta. As early as I can remember an Oscar de la Renta gown, you can see the Balenciaga Spanish influence in the designs created by  Dominican Republic designer. It was very avante garde, embellished, colorful yet very feminine, delicate and fashion forward. Reading about his life wether through books, articles and exposé you just learned that this man, this legend lived  happy life and really loved creating amazing clothes for women. Oscar left us but he lives still with us through photographs, through his clothes and how we remember him.

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.”- Oscar de la Renta




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