Oh, My Jared!!

With September already here and students start a new school year. I am sitting here, at my desk, looking at my “To Do List”, the 54 work emails that I have to go through, and my calendar, I notice that the “Summer Work Hours” are over this week. Everyone at our firm made it a priority to enjoy this long holiday weekend, which will be our last until Thanksgiving. That’s like 2 and half months away!! Trust me we will look forward to it.

Our firm is on high alert and in production mode for Latino Fashion Week. Which, this year marks its’ 10th year anniversary and marks my 5th year being involved with it. You figure it gets easier year after year but on the contrary, it keeps getting tougher to deliver an amazing fashion season. I am working on menswear designers for LFW at the same time doing research on trends for a client I am working with. As a huge comic geek, I kept looking to see what trends these celebrities are wearing to places like San Diego Comic Con, Wonder Con in Los Angeles and in New York Comin Con. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why in the hell I am starting my research there?”  These conventions are filled with Movie and TV celebrities. The A-lister they are, the better their coverage, better chances of them being photographed in some cool clothes.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post. The hottest movie ticket this past summer was all about comic films. We had DC’s Batman V Superman in late March, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War in May and DC’s Suicide Squad in August. The latter was anticipated and with an all-star cast, surely the fashions were all the people were going to be talking about during the premier and press tours.  One actor, in particular, had me wondering how was he going to pull off a certain brand new approach to style.

At this year’s Oscar’s, Jared Leto wore a black suit with red piping Gucci tuxedo. Everyone who follows fashion has had a mixed review on the “New Gucci” brand direction. I, personally, do not get it. It is dowdy, and something your grandparents wore back in their early 20’s. I have to admit that the Gucci jackets are amazing and many of the pieces work together as separate pieces in your wardrobe. So, Is Jared the only male that can pull off this new Gucci way of luxury? It is aimed at a younger clientele, so are they pushing the boundaries of what male fashion should be?  I am yet to find some other male celebrity donning a head to toe Gucci look.  Don’t get me wrong, Jared looks amazing in everything, I mean he wore a pastel Givenchy suit to the Oscar’s before.

I want to hear your thoughts about this new Gucci brand direction. Your thoughts on Jared being the new poster child for Gucci. I know Tom Ford and Frida Giannini had their own version of a sexy Gucci Man and Woman. Is he living up to it?