Not Fully Recovered

Hello, Fellow Readers. Hope all is well. It’s been about three weeks since Latino Fashion Week happened but I’ve been extremely sick, that work and blogging; was the last thing I wanted to do. I am still not fully recovered, thus the headline. I really wanted to keep you updated on all the things I have been doing for LFW.

I want to start off with the Puerto Rico’s Fashion History Council. This organization was created because there isn’t an organization that is documenting fashion history in their island. So, they came up with an exhibit composed of 22 couture pieces from 22 talented designers. The exhibit is called Royal Black and all 22 dresses were to capture the aesthetic of the designer/house but in black. The outcome was 22 marvelous, jaw-dropping dresses, some jeweled and heavy, others light as a feather and in between.

Our office was honored to host these beautiful creations and displayed at Chicago’s top design school Columbia College. My team and I worked to displayed them up and take them down. Also, during LFW we dedicated a time slot for a runway presentation. These beauties were under my care and I was nervous as heck, they are museum pieces.

Enjoy the pictures! I know I had a blast with these dresses.


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