My first encounter with Canali was back in the early 2000’s after buying my first ever GQ magazine. I always admired the sleekness of the suits, coats, and accessories that will be featured in the magazine ad. Back then I wasn’t into fashion to be more curious than what the pages gave. Yet, it left a mark in my mind. What is there to say about the Canali brand, you may say? They’re a brand that still follows the founder’s codes of a Made to Measure suit, which can be traced back to 1934. Those were the years when we started to show more focus on men’s wear if you know your fashion history.

Canali has kept with the trueness, even the realness, of what is to have a suit custom made, the true Italian way. Nowadays, many claims to give you that experience but if you are not seeing samples, you’re not getting that made to measure experience. Canali has built their brand on this method. Over the decades, even with artistic direction from another fellow Italian and one of my favorite designers, Andrea Pompilio, it is all about tailoring. If there is something that is always consistent with this brand, tailoring it is. The fabrics change, the silhouette might vary from season to season, it might be slight sportier but you can count on the tailor to mark its’ distinguish from the other Italian brands that claim to be Made in Italy.

Take time to know this brand. They have an amazing website but besides that, they’re on trend with many of the men’s seasonal trends but in a luxurious way. You have a denim shirt, refined that it seems like silk to the eye, silk ties in various widths, cotton dress shirts in various motifs,  and this Autumn/Winter 2017, their deconstruction Kei signature blazer front and center. It was also a collection of overcoats, which I do not mind paying a pretty penny for one (specifically, the alpaca robe coat in a luxurious shade of rosy Barolo).

If that does not entice your Canali craving to go shopping, their Spring/Summer 2018 did not disappoint, and why should it? With a new technique in weave they created has made their clothes more breathable, less water resistant, yet again, not losing that tailor trademark. Yes, this collection is a bit sportier but there are cool looking clothes in shades of blues, greys and a splash of red. You have knitted jumpers, oxford looking boots, and impeccable looking bags.

What is there left to say about Canali? A brand that has stores globally and in some well-established department stores. Well, to me, it is craftsmanship. With craftsmanship, comes history and this brand has a lot of it. If one thing fashion has taught us is that you do not last long in this industry without having some sort of voice, without a point of view of fashion but most importantly, pushing fashion forward without losing your brands heritage, and Canali has a lot to offer, even at 80 plus years in fashion.