Here we go..

It’s been a really busy,  more than usual, this past week. Yet I had the opportunity to get the ball rolling on a project that I had a lot of hope for. With work going good, personal life gaining momentum and family becoming more clearer. This seemed like the right time to be a little self-fish and focus on me for once.

With that said. I have started my first podcast, ever, with a friend. Something that started out as a joke but after considering the options we decided to do it. Using her dining room table, her parents around, which they’re hilarious, supporting us through the podcast was simply humble and amazing.

We decided on Fashion Junkies: A Podcast. Recorded on March 12, the day Hubert de Givenchy passed away at the age of 91. Truly, a sad day for fashion, as he was the last living legends of Parisian Fashion. His Maison, given new life through a new creative director, Clare Waight Keller, seems to bring in that feminine touch and romanticism that is much needed. Not knocking down any other previous directors but the master himself knew what he was doing.

That conversation segways to many other topics that we talk about and we are proud of.


Take a listen and please, comment, share subscribe. We know that this podcast is not for everyone. We know that they’re critics that hide behind the keyboards. Yet, we are true to ourselves and we’re not stopping.

Listen to the podcast here: Fashion Junkies: A Podcast





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