Waiting around..

Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s been awhile since I came here and just let my thoughts take over as I type. The last time I checked in and made some switches and updates I thought I was going to be consistent on my blogging, with Instagram and keeping up with fashion.

I honestly say, now more than ever, that I have been depressed and stuck on this rut, this funk that I could not see myself come out of. I was working at a place that game me industry experience from a manufactures point of view but I was not satisfied. I was not content with where I was professionaly. While many of my peers and contacts were doing great things in their career paths. I guess, I was just wondering when was my turn coming? When I am finally going to get that position or job offer I am meant to have and leave my mark in Chicago fashion. Yet, like all these stories about fashion industry professionals, it took them all hard work to get to where they’re at. All of them have felt the same way as I do some way or another. Like many of them, I have taken no paid projects, consultated for free, and even went up on beyound on to little paying jobs which totally sucks but don’t we all have to start somewhere?

It’s never been about the money for me, which I guess is my own fault, but I did the projects because I felt gaining the industry experience was worth more than the pay. I, of course, felt the same with the paying jobs, too. I got the opportunity to coordinate many fashion shows, curate window displays and pop-shops, consulted in a business meetings with up and coming designers. To me that is the most satisfying part of any project. That someone is actually paying attention and taking in consideration my ideas.

I have recently met this amazing young lady, probably around my age, but she is brilliant in many ways. Through her I met two other amazing ladies, they’re friends, obviously, but what I love about them is their drive they have to push each other to be great. To push and help each other in any which way they can. That at the end of the day is not about being rich and famous but to make a contribution to the community.

We’re working on a project that is targeted to the Latina Women, especially the LatinX. The term confuses many but I will leave that to your own interpretation. We’re in the middle of brainstorming, we’re making great moves, so expect an update about that soon. Yes, this is a fashion blog but I am a real person, a real human with emotions and senses that stop me from coming here and write about fashion. So, while sitting with these ladies. I guess I was adopted into their group (at least in my head I am).

What I love about it too besides the work we’re doing. I shared my career path expectations and what I want to do. They’re holding me accountable and the reason I am here writing this and posting this. And to be honest, I like that they’re pushing me to get back on here and make my fashion moves I have been afraid to do all this time. It is time for me to shine and to tell my story.


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